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Stauch Timeline

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💥1/7/2020– Gannon & L return to Colorado from SC after being with their mother, Landen.
Week of 1/20 thru 1/25-Al’s mom was in Colorado, while Letecia and Al were away on a cruise.
💥01/25 thru 01/28 – Letecia’s search history was looking for jobs outside of CO and looking for apartments in other states.
💥January 22, 2020 -Letecia started orientation at Mountain Ridge Middle School, meeting with teachers and admins.
💥January 24, 2020 -Per district spokesperson, Allison Cortez, “Academy District 20 rescinded her employment offer after finding inconsistencies in her employment application.” Letecia was fired from the job at Mountain Ridge Middle School.
💥01/25/2020 – Al Stauch’s mother left after visiting the family, flying a late flight out of Colorado Springs. Al spent the night in the airport. Confirmed in the AA, pg
💥1/25-1/28– Tee’s partial search history, seen in the image above, particularly the searches on 1/25 when Al left and went to the airport with his mother.

💥01/26/2020 – Al departed Colorado Springs, flew Texas to Oklahoma via commercial airline. Letecia reportedly took Gannon and Laina to “Garden of the Gods” and to Burger King. Letecia’s “SugarDaddy” account was accessed.

According to Tee, later in the evening on 1/26/2020 , Gannon knocked over a candle in the basement of the Stauch home. Text messages were sent at 1054 pm describing the candle incident and Gannon being very upset, but okay. Tee photographed the alleged candle mishap, as seen in our fb group.

Tee also recorded a video

beginning with Laina asleep in the master bedroom and Tee walking out of the bedroom, into the main living area of the first floor. Tee walks to an area of the home that is believed to be either the guest bathroom or Laina’s room and is talking to Gannon who is distraught. Tee suggests things to Gannon that they may have to sell the sofa to fix the carpet and asks Gannon if he’s sure he didn’t do it on purpose. The video goes black when Tee begins recording Gannon, but prior to that she did not cover up the camera on her phone.
Time frame for the incident is sometime between 10pm and 11pm. Text messages reflect being sent at 1054 p.m. MST. The video Tee released has the 11pm news playing in the background on the tv discussing TMZ & Kobe Bryant’s death.

💥01/27/2020-0009 – Letecia searched “my son burned the carpet how do I fix it”

  • 0042 – Letecia searched “will humidifier help if exposed to smoke”
  • 0055 – Letecia searched “Colorado law for kid stating (staying) at home”
  • 0057 – Letecia searched “School is out. Is it okay for my kid to stay home alone?”
  • 0101 – Letecia searched “son is sick but I have to go to work”
  • 0103 – Letecia searched “son sick can he stay home”
  • 0437 – Letecia texted employer that her Stepdad was killed and she would not be able to come to work.
  • 0440 – Letecia searched “Suede repair kit for sofa”
  • 0702 – Time schedule for Laina’s bus pickup; unknown if she rode the bus.

NOTE: – Gannon stayed home from school. Videos and photographs on Letecia’s phone possibly indicate he was alive that morning. Laina went to school, but we don’t know how she was transported or what time she arrived.

  • 0813 and 0817 – Letecia took photographs of Gannon sleeping in his bed.
  • 0830 – Harley at work, verified by EPSO.
  • 0956 – Letecia’s phone is locked and presumed to be left at home.
  • 1012 – ADT security shows no activity in Stauch home.
    1016 – Letecia and an individual believed to be Gannon left residence in Nissan Frontier.
  • 1037 – Letecia sent a message from Gannon’s phone to Harley’s phone, to text Tecia on Gannon’s phone.
  • 1122 – Letecia completed purchase at Petco, 5020 N Nevada Ave, Colorado Springs. Gannon was not with her in the store.
  • 1206 – Al sent message to Gannon’s cell phone, “Hey Buddy”
  • 1321 – Gannon’s phone messaged back to Al, asking to play Zelda.
  • 1322 – Letecia made a second purchase at Petco on N Nevada. (Note: this time stamp is exactly two hours from first purchase.) Gannon was not with her in the store.
  • 1343 – Search on Gannon’s phone “can my parent find my cell phone.if it’s off”. Format is similar to searches on Letecia’s phone, and it is presumed that Letecia made the search.
  • 1419 – Nissan Frontier returns and Letecia exits vehicle. Investigators believe Gannon returned with her.
  • 1422 – ADT security shows entry into the home.
  • 1430 – According to EPSO interview, Letecia states that she entered home, disarmed security, and “Eguardo” attacked her. He allowed her to go greet Laina and send her outside to play. Equardo vaginally penetrated from 1530-1630; she states she blacked out. Gannon tried to fight Equardo. Letecia gave Equardo a brown suitcase.
  • 1430-1530 – ADT log shows back door of residence opened and closed ten times.
  • 1445 – Letecia unlocked her phone.
  • 1511 – Video shows Laina returned home from school.
  • 1515 – Time that Letecia claims Gannon went to play with friends.
  • 1530 – 1542 – Video from the neighborhood shows Laina on her bike.
  • 1555 – Al sent another message to Gannon, “hey buddy”
  • 1541, 1541, 1543, 1544, 1545, 1611, 1619 and 1620 – Text messages between Letecia, Harley and Al.
    1615 – Harley got off work, verified by EPSO.
  • 1642 – Harley arrived at the residence and picked up Laina in her white VW Jetta.
  • 1652 – Letecia sent a message to Harley, with a shopping list, carpet cleaner, trash bags, and baking soda.
  • 1714 – Dollar Store receipt for trash bags, baking soda, vinegar, and carpet cleaner, baby oil, baby lotion, cotton rounds, and bubble gum. Per the AA, the receipt was found in Letecia’s Tiguan.
  • 1854 Letecia searched “El Paso sheriff’s office number”
  • 1855 – Letecia reported Gannon missing to 911. Was instructed to call Non-emergency line. Unknown IF she called that line.
  • 1904 – Al’s message on Gannon’s phone was opened but no reply.Note: Media outlets reported that Al was in Oklahoma, but was texting neighbors, trying to locate Gannon. He asked one of those neighbors to call the police.
  • 1932 – Gannon Stauch entered into state and national databases as active runaway
  • 2045 – Unknown neighbor contacts EPSO about missing child after speaking with Al.
  • 2209 – EPSO Patrol responded to Stauch residence.
  • 2200 – Body cam video of Gannon’s room, when compared to pictures from Letecia’s phone, bed was moved, blanket and pillowcase are different.

💥01/28/2020 NOTE: Landen Hiott arrived in Colorado from South Carolina

  • 0416 – Letecia searched “police steps for our missing child”
  • 0436 – Letecia searched “today’s flight okc to cos”
  • 0514 – 0526 conversation with Stephanie (Gannon’s sitter) regarding Gannon being missing.
  • 0830 – Tiguan parked at the airport. Letecia rented a car, White KIA Rio, from Avis Rent-A-car until Jan 29. Al returned to Colorado Springs via commercial airline. Letecia leaves her Tiguan in short term parking at the airport.
    0848 – Letecia texted Harley to “Pull your car in the garage”
  • 0850 – Letecia picks up Al in the rental car, drives back to residence. Lies to him about the location of Tiguan.
  • 1100 – EPSO makes a social media release with missing child information. 1229 – EPSO Investigations assumes case
  • 1230 – EPSO Patrol canvasses neighborhood NOTE: Al gave consent for initial search of house. Blood was found throughout the house with visible blood in Gannon’s room, in the garage and in other parts of the house. Carpet and carpet pad from under Gannon’s bed (consistent with the position of his head and torso) were removed. Blood had soaked through the mattress to the floor below. A pair of Letecia’s Nike shoes were seized and Gannon’s blood was found on the exterior of the shoes. Blood was found in Gannon’s bedroom, in the hallway from his bedroom to the utility room, the staircase and landing leading upstairs, the path from the garage to the stairs and in the garage.
  • 1257 – Leticia searched on her phone “Can Nintendo find my switch”
  • 1517 – Media release, EPSO Major Crimes unit assuming case.
  • 1617 – Investigators asked Letecia for Gannon’s toothbrush to recover his DNA 1618 – Letecia searched “car net Volkswagen”
  • 1619 – Letecia searched “they are asking for our sons tooth brush but said nothing is wrong
  • 1631 – Letecia texted Al, “something isn’t right I think they are hiding something” and told him they asked for toothbrushes Note: Affidavit states that she disconnected her phone from the cellular network for approximately four hours, intending to prevent disclosure of her location.
  • 1900 – Tiguan is removed from airport parking. Letecia is believed to have used the Tiguan to dump Gannon’s remains. (Where is white KIA Rio?)
  • 2008-2018 Tiguan was at King Soopers parking lot.
  • 2115-2130 Tiguan in the area of 105/S Perry Park Road
  • 2030 – 2220 – Per data from the Tiguan Car Net, the vehicle traveled northwest of Colorado Springs, North of the USAF Academy and into southern Douglas Co. During the same time period, Harley’s phone is at the residence. The Tiguan was in the area of Hwy 105/S Perry Park Road.
  • 2226 – Harley goes to the area of Powers and Carefree and picks up Letecia. (Where does she leave the Tiguan overnight?? Where is the KIA Rio?)
  • 2245 – Letecia texted investigators, “What do you want from me? Because I have nothing. One of your very own leaked to me what you guys were doing. I did nothing and/or am being set up ….”
  • 💥Also, on 1/28/2020, neighbor Tamika Drayton, in a CourtTV interview released on 4/13/2020, when Tamika returned home from work on 1/28, Letecia Stauch was outside with neighbors, “smiling, acting like she was at a BBQ, enjoying the company, too relaxed,”

💥01/29/2020 NOTE: Investigators removed carpet from the utility room, but unable to develop DNA profile. Multiple carpet brushes were located in the dishwasher.0900 – Letecia returned the rented Kia, and was picked up by someone driving Harley’s white VW Jetta. It is believed that Harley drove the Jetta based on her cell phone records.
1130 – Black SUV believed to belong to Letecia was seen on video at a car wash at E Platte Ave/Bonfoe Avenue Colorado Springs.
1200 – Letecia arrived at EPSO for an interview in Colorado Springs. Her vehicle was wet and appeared to be recently cleaned. Letecia had notes for her interview. Letecia said that she was raped on Jan 27. In her interview with EPSO, Letecia claims that she met “Equardo’’ in the neighborhood at a construction site, and he agreed to repair carpet burn. She gave him the garage code and “they agreed he would repair the carpet while she was shopping the next day.” (But wait, didn’t she have to “work” the next day???) She stated that Gannon was abducted by the rapist, Equardo. After the interview, Letecia’s Tiguan was seized by EPSO. Her phone was seized. At the end of the interview, Letecia has chest pains
and shortness of breath and is transported by paramedics. Letecia also began stuffing tissues into her pants for unknown reasons. A DNA sample is obtained with a warrant. Letecia refused the SANE exam. Letecia signed herself out AMA, and left the hospital without the investigators knowledge. She was picked up by an unknown person, and then by Harley several miles from the hospital.1320 – Per the rental receipt, White KIA Rio was returned to the Colorado Springs Airport. PER investigator, Letecia was seen dropping the vehicle off at 9 AM.
💥01/30/2020 Media is monitoring the Stauch home and giving updates. The red Nissan Truck was in the driveway today. Harley’s Jetta was towed from the Marshalls parking lot to evidence impound. According to Letecia, she and Harley were together, shopping for clothes and underwear since they were not allowed to go home. The case is upgraded to Missing-Endangered. EPSO requests resources from NCMEC and FBI Crimes Abduction Rapid Deployment Team
Note: Letecia’s Aunt, Brenda Acquard, rented a silver Nissan Altima for Letecia to drive until Feb 1, 2020. Investigators got a warrant and installed a GPS tracker on the vehicle.Evening – Al Stauch and Landon Hiott appear in a press conference with law enforcement and make an emotional plea to help find their son. Letecia did not appear.
💥01/31/2020 1616-1713 the rented silver Nissan Altima was tracked to Hwy 105/S Perry Park Road
Note: Letecia Stauch speaks exclusively to 11 News reporter Spencer Wilson. Letecia was interviewed with her back to the camera. CBS 11. Transcript in another post. Letecia claimed that the EPSO violated her constitutional rights. She states that her husband’s ex-wife was living in her house and she couldn’t return to it. States that she has taken care of Gannon for two years because his mother didn’t want to. She claims that an officer threatened to shut her when seizing Harley’s car. She discussed the rumors of conspiracy theories that Gannon is dead. She insists they are going to find Gannon. She said her family, her aunt, have been out searching together. She wants an apology from everybody. She speaks of Gannon in past tense. The reporter has stated that she had a moving truck, and several people with her, including Harley who she prompted to answer questions.
💥Feb 1, 2020 Note: FBI found possible traces of blood on the Tiguan, but lab results did not confirm. The rented Nissan was returned on this date.
💥February 2, 2020 – EPSO Update indicated that they have a multi-agency response, including the FBI,ARMY, National Guard, and others. They were actively searching for Gannon.
💥February 2, 2020– The Superbowl. While it may seem irrelevant, we will be discussing that here 💥
💥Feb 3-5 – dates that investigators believe Letecia was in Pace, FL or Pensacola, FL.
💥February 3, 2020 -Neighbor Roderick Drayton reviewed footage on his home security system and found video with Letecia and the truck and what appears to be Gannon. Drayton showed the video to Gannon’s father, who immediately broke down crying after watching it. “He just broke down crying and said, ‘she lied. She lied about the time. He didn’t go to a friend’s house,’” Drayton told ABC 11.
Military volunteers searched from 0630 to 1200.
💥February 5, 2020 –Gannon’s parents, Al and Landen, and his sister Laina go on national news to plead for his safe return.
Fourth Judicial District Attorney Dan May investigated the Stauch home, and stated that he was there as part of “the overall task force.” According to the media, several CSI and the mobile crime lab were there as well. The family was seen leaving while the scene was being investigated. Investigators removed numerous items in brown paper wrapping and in cartons.
💥February 6, 2020-Fort Carson soldiers were searching near Fontaine Boulevard. EPSO and Colorado Parks and Wildlife used a remote controlled sonar vehicle to search Big Johnson Reservoir, according to Fox 21.
Colorado National Guard volunteers searched from 0645 to 1700.
Searchers were seen using dogs.
💥February 7, 2020 –EPSO states that they are now searching for Gannon in smaller groups, based on leads. Large group efforts suspended for now. No on-camera interviews for time being.
💥February 8, 2020 –
1700 Prayer vigil is held for Gannon in the Lorson Ranch neighborhood, at the corner of Fountaine and Carriage Meadows Drive.
💥February 9, 2020 –Letecia posted a long rambling narrative, thanking her friends and family in the Carolinas. She states that she has cooperated. She has spent the last six years of her life fighting for custody of Laina and Gannon. She talked about her dedication to the children and the sacrifices that she has made. She stated that a “G of Litem” (Guardian ad Litem) gave the children to her while Al was in Alaska. And then she posted screenshots of conversations with Al, legal documents concerning the children’s custody, and a letter from Landen’s mother in the custody case. Letecia also posted a video that she “accidently” recorded on her phone. “Gannon, I promise this is the last time I’m gonna ask you. I just freaked out, okay? Are you sure you didn’t do it on purpose? ….”
Also on this date, Letecia’s “SugarDaddy” account was accessed.Facebook group “Tee Stauch A journey to prove one’s innocence” was created.
💥February 10, 2020 –An individual named “Quincy Brown” was listed on El Paso County’s Most Wanted List. He has outstanding arrest warrants from 2018. Investigators have uncovered no evidence to support Letecia’s (upcoming) accusation of involvement in Gannon’s disappearance.
Gannon’s babysitter, Stephanie Cain, is interviewed and states that Letecia is innocent.
💥February 12, 2020 –Letecia released a public statement via Denver station, FOX 31. She disputed the security camera video. Explained that Gannon cut his foot on tools in the garage. Talked about the gate and Gannon having a key. States that she took a selfie with Gannon in the truck in the driveway to send to Al. (We know now her phone was off and in the house.)
💥February 12-14, 2020 –Public knowledge that police were searching Hwy 105/ S Perry Park Road. Letecia later gave Al her alibi for being in that area. Letecia stated that they were wasting their time and he would not be found there. It’s important to note, at this time Tee had been gone from Colorado for about two weeks. She knew Gannon wouldn’t be found there because she took his body in a suitcase, with her across the United States as she traveled.
💥February 13, 2020 –Recorded phone call between Letecia and Al, she stated that Gannon was burned by a candle and he peeled the burns off and wiped blood on his bedroom wall. Al did not ask her about blood; she volunteered the information that there was blood on the wall of Gannon’s bedroom, something that the police had not disclosed.
Media posts videos and stories of searches ongoing in Douglas County.
💥February 14, 2020 –Letecia spoke with Al on the phone. Gave four new stories. 1. That the abductor was in the house when EPSO was there. 2. That she was raped by “Quincy Brown” and Brown abducted Gannon. 3. That “Quincy Brown” followed her from Petco, laid in front of her truck and when she stopped, jumped into the truck, made her take him home, and then raped her. 4. Also, she and Gannon were near County Line Road/Hwy 105, riding bikes, on Jan 27, and Gannon hit his head, was abducted by Quincy Brown, who was driven by a man named Terence.
💥February 15, 2020 –Letecia told Al that Gannon falling off the bike was a lie, but it was what she believed he wanted to hear. She also stated that the blood in the corner of Gannon’s room was a combination of hers and his, because the abductor had anally penetrated them both with an object.
Military searchers volunteered from 0830-1700 near Larkspur.
💥February 15, 2020 –Searchers located particle board that was tested and blood matched Gannon’s DNA. Reasonable explanation is that the board was used in the disposal of Gannon’s remains.
Military searchers volunteered from 0830-1700 near Larkspur
💥February 16, 2020 –Letecia told a female (believed to be Teela Cummings) that she had been giving Al false stories because he would not believe anything she said. Also, recorded conversation took place on this date and was released by DWAP on March 8, 2020. Portions of the phone call were sent to WTAF on 2/18 asking us to send them to Landen. WTAF gathered all of the messages, recordings, and correspondence and turned it over to EPSO. The individual who asked us to send this to Landen is listed on the witness list.
Military searchers volunteered from 0830-1700 near Larkspur.
💥February 17, 2020 –Searchers are shifting snow in Douglas Co, with the FBI Evidence Team on site.
1353 – Letecia told a female (believed to be associated with Laura Abernathy) that she was thinking about flying out to Colorado to take a lie detector test. She stated “They think I’m still in Colorado”
1611 – Letecia tells an unknown female that she is going to take a lie detector test.
💥February 18, 2020 1014 Letecia called 321-247-6876, a number associated with “” and stated that she didn’t get confirmation of a test that she paid for.
1116 Letecia again called 321-247-6876 and asked about an email she received. An unknown male stated that her report was blocked by management because of illegal activities. An investigator contacted Luke Devlin at the same number and obtained the questions which Letecia had supplied, including “Did you participate in any way in causing the death of your stepson?”
February 19, 2020 –
Media posts that EPSO doesn’t have any active search locations.
💥February 21, 2020 -Landen is interviewed by ABC, just wants her son to come home. She talks about watching them sift snow and how she “can’t help but have bad thoughts come in.”
Metro Crime Lab van and investigators were spotted again at the Stauch home.
💥February 24, 2020 –Attorney Jose Baez tweets that he is not involved in the Gannon Stauch case and to please not contact his firm with further inquiries.
💥February 26, 2020 –Metro Crime Lab van and investigators were spotted again at the Stauch home.
💥February 27, 2020 –
Search was scheduled by the EPSO and then cancelled.
💥February 29, 2020 -In the “Exclusive Part 2” of the CrimeOnline article, by Leigh Egan, it was reported, “Due to the speculation surrounding her alleged involvement, Stauch claims to have voluntarily taken a lie detector test and passed. However, CrimeOnline is still working to verify the test and its results.” And goes on later to say, “Stauch said that she took the test through an independent agency and is willing to share the results in person.”
The Arrest Affidavit was also secured by EPSO and signed by a judge in El Paso County, CO, for the arrest of Letecia Stauch, for the murder of Gannon Stauch, as well as other numerous charges involving, child abuse, tampering with evidence, and tampering with a human corpse.
💥March 2, 2020 In the “Exclusive Part 3” of the CrimeOnline article, by Leigh Egan, it was reported that Letecia stated that Al called her and asked her why a “saucer-sized puddle of blood,” was in Gannon’s room. The article also quotes Letecia as saying, “He was taken around and shown different places of blood inside the house.” We know from the affidavit that LEO had all the recordings of Letecia and Al’s phone calls after February 13. Letecia gave details about the murder in this interview with Leigh Egan that had NOT been released.
Also on March 2, 2020,, at approximately 8:04 AM, MST, El Paso County Sheriff’s Office Detectives, FBI
Agents, and members from the El Paso County 4th Judicial District Attorney’s Office arrested Letecia Stauch (DOB 08/04/1983) in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, on the charges of:
Murder in the First-Degree (Child Under Twelve-Position of Trust §18-3-102(1)(f)),
Child Abuse Resulting in Death §18-6-401(1)(a), (7)(A)(I),
Tampering with a Deceased Human Body, §18-8-610.5, and
Tampering with Physical Evidence, §18-8-610(1)(a).
Letecia was held in the J. Reuben Long Detention Center in Horry County for extradition hearing before being transported to the El Paso County Jail in Colorado Springs.
During the press conference, Gannon’s parents stood together and cried as officials announced that Gannon was likely deceased and a victim of foul play.
💥March 3, 2020 –Letecia waived her extradition hearing and agreed to be transported back to El Paso County, Colorado. During the hearing she stated that she hadn’t been given the chance to obtain an attorney before deciding whether to waive the extradition process. Bond was denied.
Media reports that Dan May will not be prosecuting the case as his term expires soon. Michael Allen will be the lead prosecutor. Reports state that Allen was part of the investigation team that went into the Stauch home to collect evidence.
💥March 4, 2020 –While being transported to Colorado after extradition from South Carolina, Letecia was able to slip off her handcuffs and attack an officer. The officer and Letecia were both transported to a local hospital, and then Letecia was held overnight in the Saline County (Kansas) jail. No information on charges related to the attack.
EPSO announces that they are still looking for Gannon’s remains.
💥March 5, 2020 –Booking name, “Letecia Leann Stauch”
Letecia appeared in El Paso County Court via video for case advisement. She was represented by Colorado Springs public defender Kathryn Strobel. The District Court of El Paso County, Colorado, ruled that KOAA-TV’s request for extensive courtroom media coverage of the case has been granted.
💥March 6, 2020 –Albert Stauch filed for a divorce from Letecia Stauch.

March 8, 2020 –A YouTube channel released a recording of a phone call that occurred on Feb 16, 2020, sent to him by the caller, with Letecia talking to an anonymous caller. Letecia discusses Landen, the searches in the snow, the GPS, Petco. Letecia claims that she is innocent.
💥March 11, 2020 –First appearance for Letecia Stauch. Colorado Springs Deputy District Attorney Michael Allen said that authorities have over 600 pieces of evidence against her. Authorities have at least 107 search warrants to date on 3/2/2020 against Letecia Stauch.
💥March 12, 2020 –EPSO continues searching for Gannon near Hwy 83 and Hwy 105 in El Paso County, Colorado.
💥March 17, 2020 –Gannon’s remains were located in Santa Rosa County, Florida, specifically Pace, FL. A road construction worker found the body just off Highway 90 in Pace, near the Escambia River Bridge. According to 3WEARTV, the body was discovered around 12 p.m. EST. The discovery made the local news in Florida, around 2:00 p.m. that same day. It was unknown publicly at that time that the body that was found was Gannon.
The body was roughly 1377 miles away from the house where Gannon was last seen. The boy’s body had allegedly been stuffed into a suitcase and left under a bridge (confirmed by both Landen’s aunt and a relative of the dispatcher who received the 911 call from FDOT)
Per media reports, the FDOT employees who found the remains contacted their superiors at FDOT, who then reached out to Santa Rosa Sheriff’s Office.
💥March 18, 2020– EPSO issued a press release stating their agency was contacted by Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s office about the discovery of the deceased child alongside Highway 90. An autopsy was conducted in Santa Rosa County, Florida, the same day confirming the remains as those of Gannon Stauch.
💥March 20, 2020 –Additional charges were filed, murder in the first degree after deliberation, a class one felony, and eight counts of crime of violence, for the alleged use of a firearm, a blunt instrument, a knife or other sharp object, and for causing the death of Gannon Stauch.”
💥March 22, 2020 –AL Stauch released a statement through Restoration Church, thanking the community for their support.
A screenshot of Al’s statement is below.
💥April 8, 2020 –Letecia told CrimeOnline that she maintains her innocence. She declined to discuss the details of the case and said she is currently working with an attorney for her defense. “It’s 90% speculation,” Stauch said, referring to the affidavit. The article was released on 4/10 and CrimeOnline said they spoke with Tee two days prior.

This timeline will continue to be updated.