The Curious Case of Missing Kelley Brannon


The Curious Case Of Missing Kelley Brannon

36 year old Kelley Brannon, has not been heard from since the early morning hours of 7/15/2020. Stranded in the small town of Live Oak, Florida, Kelley and her boyfriend of less than a year, Eddie Emerson, were staying at the Sunshine Inn. While awaiting a vehicle repair at a local automotive repair shop, Kelley and Eddie decided to check into the below average motel . Both natives of New England, neither Kelley nor Eddie were familiar with the Live Oak area. One of their vehicles broke down as they made the trek from Gainesville, FL to Detroit, MI (according to Eddie), forcing them to stay in the Live Oak area until they could get back on the road.

On the evening of 7/14/2020, Kelley and Eddie had disagreements and were not on the best of terms. Per Eddie’s accounts, Kelley was hanging outside the motel room in the parking lot area, consuming alcohol and interacting with a few others who were staying at the motel. At 12:59 am, Kelley left a voicemail on Eddie’s phone (found here) stating that she was getting into a car. When Eddie awoke the morning of 7/15/2020, Kelley was not in their motel room and nowhere to be found. Kelley does have diagnosed PTSD and PMDD.

To date, Kelley is STILL MISSING.

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