WTAF Happened October 23, 1989

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Stuart October 13, 1985

The Goodnight Sweet Wife Murder Of Boston That Rocked The Entire Nation

Charles “Chuck” Stuart

Charles “Chuck” Stuart was the oldest of six children. Born into a working class family in Revere. Chuck was known as a popular and athletic kid. He claimed he won a football scholarship to Brown University but injured his knee and transferred to Salem State. Chuck began a career in business, at Kakas Furs, where he became a general manager.

Carol (Dimaiti) Stuart

Carol (Dimaiti) Stuart was the younger of two children, and extremely close to her family in Medford. Her father was known to carry her report cards around in his wallet. Friends said she called home every night and even while on her honeymoon. In her 1977 high school yearbook, listed under her ambitions it reads “To be a teacher. To get married and have a happy family”. She attended Boston College, then graduated cum laude from Suffolk Law School. She was also taking classes at Boston University to become a CPA. Carol was a tax specialist for Cahners Publishing Co. in Newton.

October 13, 1985

In 1981, Chuck and Carol began a romance that soon no one would ever be able to forget. Chuck and Carol both worked at the old Driftwood restaurant. She was a waitress, Chuck was a cook, and Carol’s father tended bar. Four years later on October 13, 1985, on a drizzly and foggy Sunday, they married at St. James Church in Medford. They were married by Rev. Francis Gallagher, for whom Chuck had once served as an altar boy. Carol married the man of her dreams in front of 300 guests before heading for their honeymoon in the Bahamas.

The home of Charles and Carol Stuart in Reading, MASS.

On August 28, 1987 Chuck and Carol purchased a split-level home in Reading, Mass., it had a pool and a whirlpool bath. The couple was known to go out together and separately with friends once a week. Then a couple years later Carol found out she was going to be a mother. She was so excited about becoming a mother, she saved the pregnancy strip test to show everyone. Chuck continued going out, leaving Carol at home alone at times even after she got pregnant with their first child, a son, to be named Christopher.

Then on October 23, 1989, just ten short days after celebrating their 4 year anniversary, tragedy struck. Around 8:30 pm Chuck and Carol got into their vehicle after leaving a birthing class at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. They pulled up to a stoplight at the corner of Huntington Ave. and Francis St. Chuck made a frantic 911 call stating he and his wife had both been shot and didn’t know where they were. He said their assailant stole their keys, so he would use the spare key to start the car and drive around until finding a landmark to identify their location. After turning on to St. Alphonsus St., Chuck apparently blacked out. 

Carol was shot in the head, barely hanging on, and Chuck was shot in the stomach. During transport Chuck’s story began to unfold. He said an African American male robbed them and shot them. Just hours after arriving at the hospital, baby Christopher was born, at 7 months gestation, by caesarean, weighing 3 3/4lbs. At around 3:00 am October 24, 1989, Carol was deceased. Chuck suffered damage to his liver, urological tract, bowels, and major blood vessels. The damage caused 2 extensive operations and 5 weeks in the Intensive Care Unit. 

Unfortunately, after 17 days, baby Christopher died. On October 28, 1989 Carol and Christopher were buried together under Carol’s maiden name. Chuck played the grieving husband and father. He was too weak to attend the funeral services for Carol and Christopher. He had a friend read the eulogy he wrote. It read “Goodnight, sweet wife, my love. God has called you to his hands, not to take you away from me — all the happiness that God has brought you — but to bring you away from the cruelty and violence that fills this world.” 

The services for Carol and Christopher had 800 attendees. Including Chuck’s brother, Matthew, who served as a pallbearer.

On December 28, 1989, Chuck picked out a young African American fitting the description he gave to Law Enforcement. His name was Willie Bennett. However on January 3, 1990, Chuck’s younger brother Matthew, revealed to Law Enforcement that Willie Bennett was not the assailant that took Carol’s life that fateful night. Matthew said he had driven to meet Chuck on October 23, 1989 to help him commit what he was told was insurance fraud. When Matthew arrived, Carol had been shot and his brother had shot himself to make it look like a carjacking. Matthew took the gun, bag of valuables, including the couple’s wedding rings, and he threw them off of the Pines River Bridge. Later the gun and other items were recovered. 

On January 4, 1990, Charles Stuart found out his brother had named him as Carol’s killer. His car was found abandoned on the Tobin Bridge. Inside his car was a note that stated he was beaten by the new accusations and was sapped of strength. The next day his body was found in the Mystic River. 

Carol Dimaiti Stuart’s family established the Carol Dimaiti Stuart Foundation to provide scholarship aid to Mission Hill residents. By 2006 the foundation had awarded $1.2 million to 220 students. 

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