WTAF Happened on 10/27/2006?

The Murder of Deputy Jeffrey Mitchell

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Sacramento County, CA- Deputy Jeffrey Mitchell began his routine patrol shift on October 27, 2006. Just as all of his shifts in the preceding nine years of his career in law enforcement, this night shouldn’t have been anything out of the ordinary. #JeffreyMitchell proudly served his community and Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department. Most of all, Jeffrey, 38 years old, was a devoted husband to his wife and their six year old (at the time) son. What should have been another routine night of keeping Sacramento county safe alongside Deputy Mitchell’s fellow patrolmen, turned into a night of horror and unfathomable loss.

Photo Credit: Deputy Mitchell Memorial

Around, 3:27 a.m., Deputy Mitchell notified dispatch that he was pulling over a white van, noting that the van did not have license plates. Minutes later, after failed attempts of dispatch to make contact with Deputy Mitchell, other deputies were sent to the area of Dillard and Meiss roads, in southern Sacramento County, to check on their fellow officer. Upon arriving at the scene, Mitchell’s fellow officers discovered the officer in a field with a gunshot wound to his head. There was no white van in sight. Mitchell’s injuries were grave and he was airlifted to the University of California Davis Medical Center, later succumbing to his injury.

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To date, there is little evidence in the murder of Deputy Jeffrey Mitchell. Here’s a few facts that are known:

  • The white van was found later in the day on 10/27/2006, abandoned in the Consumnes River. 
  • There were two bodies inside of the van. Those victims died from carbon monoxide poisoning. 
  • Investigators believe that at least one person was trying to get rid of the bodies when Deputy Mitchell pulled the van over. 
  • Deputy Mitchell was shot and killed with his own service weapon. 
  • The white van and two bodies were found approximately 20 miles from where Deputy Mitchell was shot. 
Photo credit: Deputy Jeffrey Mitchell Memorial
Photo credit: Deputy Jeffrey Mitchell Memorial

The murder of Deputy Jeffrey Mitchell remains unsolved and officials are still seeking tips and information that will lead to the arrest of Jeffrey’s murderer(s). If you have any information regarding Mitchell’s murder, please call 916-874-8477. Tipsters May remain ANONYMOUS.

In memory of Deputy Jeffrey Mitchell, #1159,

E.O.W. 10/27/06