Update: Quake Lewellyn pleads not guilty and waves his right to an arraignment

Quake Lewellyn, accused rapist and murderer of #SydneySutherland has plead not guilty to all charges, including the charges of kidnapping, rape, and murder of 24 year old Sydney Sutherland on August 18, 2020. Sydney’s body was recovered on August 21, 2020 in a makeshift grave, in rural Arkansas. Allegedly, Quake confessed to hitting Sydney with his truck when he passed her as she was on her afternoon jog. Lewellyn proceeded to abduct Sydney, subsequently raping and murdering the 24 year old Arkansas nurse.

WTAF has obtained all of the recently released affidavits and search warrants in relation to the arrest of Quake Lewellyn. Documents can be viewed here: The Sydney Sutherland Case File

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