The Hopper Road Cold Case

Pike County, OH: Curtis Francis and Jennifer Burgette were murdered in their home during the early morning hours of December 9, 2006. To date, just days short of fourteen years later, the double homicide remains unsolved. However, the case could be solved because the evidence is there. The witness statements are there. Yet nothing is being done. Why? Is there corruption within the legal system in Pike County, Ohio? That’s a question one can’t help but repeatedly ask. Curt and Jenny are victims. Both were murdered in cold blood. Their families are victims who desperately yearn for justice. A more detailed article will follow. In the meantime please view the video below to hear the details, as spoken by Curtis’ cousin.

Dateline Featured Cold Case: The Hopper Road Murders

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  1. Our family appreciates the support and the hard work that you guys put into getting the word out for Curtis and Jenny! We love you all very much !