The Nashville Christmas Bombing

Anthony Quinn Warner is the alleged suicide bomber in the #nashvillebombing. #WTAF has done some investigating of our own and it appears the residence of Warner has some ties to a woman we will not name at this time who is connected to #AnschutzEntertainment.

Anchutz Entertainment owns the #WashingtonExaminer.

It goes deeper but first, we must find a way to explain and will follow up with a more in depth post.

DMV photo of Anthony Quinn Warner below, credit to CBS News.

Other photos obtained by WTAF showing suspicious things outside Warner’s residence. A special mailbox. Extra data lines running to the residence. The RV.

Stay Tuned.

Photo Credit: CBS News
Photo Credit: WTAF

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An Updated Photo of Anthony Quinn Warner has been released on 12/28/2020, from the FBI.

Photo Credit: The Federal Bureau of Investigations

Follow The Trail

Anthony quit claim deeded his residence to one Michelle Swing on 11/25/2020.

Photo Credit: Wicked Truths And F’Bombs

Property tax receipt dated 11/3/2020 for Anthony Warner’s residence.
Property tax payment history for
115 Bakertown Rd.
Warner Family property that belonged to Warner’s father, then passed to Warner’s brother Steven, then Warner took possession of. Warner quit claim deeded this property to Michelle Swing in 2019. Swing then quit claim deeded it to Warner’s mother Betty.
Property tax payment history for Warner’s mother’s residence.
Federal Aviation Administration flight restriction.

Body Cam Footage: Released with real time views of the bombing. Nashville Bombing Body Cam Footage