The Saga of Lori Vallow and Chad Daybell: The Trail of Bodies


WTAF has followed the case of missing #TyleeRyan and #JJVallow since two days after their sweet faces covered National News as missing and endangered children. We have invested hours upon hours into this case, along with obtaining thousands of court documents related to Lori Vallow. Follow along here as we begin to tell the unfathomable story of Lori Vallow, Chad Daybell, and their cult behavior which ended in two children being dead.


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In the meantime, while we are updating this part of our blog, here’s a list of “WHO IS WHO” in this never ending saga.


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Who’s Who:
Lori (Cox)(Yanes)(Lagioia)(Ryan) (Vallow)Daybell-mother of Colby Ryan, Tylee Ryan, & JJ Vallow
Nelson Yanes- 1st husband of Lori Daybell
William Lagioia- 2nd husband of Lori Daybell and biological father of Lori’s son, Colby Ryan.
Joseph Ryan-(dead) ex husband of Lori Daybell; 3rd husband to Lori; father to Tylee Ryan & Colby Ryan (unofficially adopted Colby)
Charles Vallow- 4th (dead) husband of Lori Daybell, father to JJ Vallow, Zac Vallow, and Cole Vallow.
Cheryl Wheeler- ex wife of Charles Vallow, mother to Zac and Cole Vallow.
Zac Vallow- adopted son of Charles and Cheryl Wheeler. (Charles’ nephew adopted by him and Cheryl)
Cole Vallow-bio son of Charles Vallow & Cheryl Wheeler.
Colby Ryan- (wife is Kelsee) son of Lori Daybell & Joseph Ryan, stepson to Charles Vallow.
Chad Daybell-widow of Tammy Daybell, current & 5th husband of Lori Daybell
Tammy Daybell (dead) -deceased wife of Chad Daybell
Chad and Tammy Daybell have 5 adult children:
-Seth (married to Makayla Lee)
-Garth-lived at the Daybell property until after JJ & Tylee were found.
-Mark (in Africa on a mission trip when his mother, Tammy, died)
-Emma (Daybell) Murray-married to Joseph Murray-lived in the home across from Chad’s house until days after JJ & Tylee were found. She then moved into Chad Daybell’s house.
-Leah (Daybell) Murphy – married to Adam Murphy
Melani Boudreaux Pawlowski- niece of Lori Daybell, ex wife of Brandon Bordreaux, mother of Melanie is Lori’s sister Stacey Cope (deceased).
Brandon Boudreaux-Ex husband of Melanie Pawlowski (they share 4 minor children together)
Ian Pawlowski- currently husband of Melanie Pawlowski
Alex Cox(dead)-brother to Lori Daybell, Uncle to Colby, Tylee, JJ, & Melanie Pawlowski, married to Zulema
Zulema Cox- Alex’s wife at the time of this death.
Jospeh Lopez-25 year old son of Zulema who found Alex and called 911.
Melanie Gibb- friend of Lori Daybell, involved in the inner circle of Lori & Chad, including their podcasts and radical beliefs.
Larry Woodcock-grandfather to JJ Vallow, Charles Vallow’s brother in law
Kay Woodcock-grandmother to JJ Vallow, Charles Vallow’s sister.
Todd Trahan- JJ’s biological father. (Kay’s son & Larry’s stepson, Charles’ nephew). JJ was adopted by Charles & Lori.
Amanda (Mandy) Leger- JJ Vallow’s biological mother.
Janis & Barry Cox- parents of Lori Daybell and Alex Cox(deceased).
Siblings of Lori & Alex:
-Adam Cox (son is Zach Cox)
-Summer Shiflet
-Stacey Cope (deceased)- mother to Melani (Boudreaux) Pawlowski
-Laura Cox (died as an infant)
Janis and Barry Cox have 6 kids in total.
3 are dead-Alex, Stacey, and Laura.