WTAF Happened With Lori Vallow And The Father Of Colby Ryan: Divorce #2

On October 22, 1995, Lori Cox married her 2nd husband, William Lagioia, in Travis County, TX – the state’s capital city of Austin. Lori was 22 yrs old and William was 23 (WL born 1972)

In their divorce documents that we obtained on July 21, 2020, Lori stated in an affidavit that she and William had lived together off and on, unmarried in Austin, TX for four years prior to marrying. So that would have been around 1991. Remember she married her first husband, Nelson Yanes, in 1992. So based on her affidavit statement, it would appear that Lori and William were dating around or during the same time of her marriage to her first husband.

On July 16, 1995 charges were filed against William Lagioia for assault with injury. In her affidavit, Lori claimed that “William Lagioia assaulted her by striking her about the mouth with his hand and throwing her onto the bed, causing pain and injury.” Affiant did observe an injury to Lori Cox; her upper lip did have a small cut on the inside of the mouth.

On Feb 13, 1996, Lori filed a restraining order against William. The affidavit states William had made several threats against her life and had been physically and mentally abusive for 3 years. She claimed that on the day prior to requesting the restraining order, he had threatened that if she were to call the police again that he would “snap her neck.” She claimed that on several occasions he had threatened to kill her, her unborn child, and any police that tried to arrest him. She claimed he had beat her up, hitting and pushing her, holding the phone away so that she couldn’t call police, and that if he did go to jail that when he got out “no matter how long it is, I will find you and kill you. I will never go back to jail alive. I will kill anyone who comes in here to take me to jail.”

A few months later, on April 8, 1996. Lori’s son, Colby, was born in Austin, TX. There is no father listed on the Texas Dept of Health Bureau of Vital Statistics birth index. Lori claimed William was not around at the time of Colby’s birth – that he was living with his parents in Bracketville, TX. (Bracketville is about 2 hours west of San Antonio, TX and south of Austin.)

A father is not listed in the Texas Department of Health Bureau of Vital Statistics

In the ABC 20/20 episode, Lori’s mother Janis states about William, as she shakes her head, “We weren’t in favor of him. Even though he was Colby’s father.”

Colby was 8 months old when on Dec 17, 1996, Lori filed for divorce from William in Bexar County, TX. (San Antonio area)

On Dec 4 1996, a complaint was filed by Lori against William for Auto Theft, Larceny, False Imprisonment, Conspiracy with Intent to Defraud Creditor, Perjury, Concealment of Stolen Property, and Obstruction of Justice. She claims to have worked and earned all household money, paid all of the bills for rent, her car, food and essentials. William did not contribute any financial support.

“During our relationship, I prayed that he would accept my religion, repent of his carnal, selfish and sensual behavior and become a Christian.” “I was very naive because later I found out that William deceived me and lied about his change of heart. He was actually living with another woman in Austin and using her car and sleeping with her and letting her pay all of the bills (his modus operandi of womanizing to get gain.) He knowingly and intentionally conspired to defraud me into quitting my job (where I earned $45k annually) to come and live with him and his parents in Bracketville where he would work and take care of us, pay the car payment and all the household bills…. He took advantage of my “good faith,” my charity and my vulnerable situation. When I moved in with him again, he immediately resumed his old ways and he took the keys to my car against my will and he hid my spare key so that I could not get access to it…. He did not allow me to use my own car…. He kept me imprisoned at his residence….” “In early November, while William was passed out drunk after a one-night stand with a new girlfriend, I escaped and left at 4am with my child.” She drove to her parents in San Antonio. William called her everyday for 2 weeks, begging for her to come back to Bracketville, and that they needed to go to church and work things out. She says, “foolishly and in good faith, and because I was desperate for help, I was taken in by his sincere efforts to turn a leaf and change his ways. So I went back to Bracketville to give him one more chance to salvage his marriage and to show me evidence of his change of heart.” …. She writes, “after my return, I expressed my unhappiness living in the house with William and his parents and requested to leave… I felt threatened and imprisoned again.”

Her father-in-law (William’s step-father) became violent and made verbal threats towards her. He said she could leave but could not take the baby.

“William also used my baby’s welfare card (Lone Star) for his own personal expenses”


Lone Star card is like a debit card: The Texas Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) system uses the Lone Star Card to provide access to Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) food benefits and Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) cash benefits.

Lori writes, “I must be a slow learner because I finally realized William was a liar, he has no respect for God, for truth or the law. He and his stepfather have a core of beliefs and their own rules of life that are anti-social and despicable. They have no consciousness of guilt for wrongdoing. They believe they can lie and cheat and conspire to do evil or break the law and get gain without any consequences. Their behavior towards me is unconscionable. My personal credit is now damaged and my car has been repossessed by the loan company for delinquent payments.”

She claimed her father-in-law was out of control and that he and Willian tried to defraud the finance company and blame her for the disappearance of her own car.

“William never paid one penny towards the care and support for me or my baby during the entire relationship.”

It’s interesting that she would claim this, seeing that William wasn’t even legally listed as the birth father of Colby when he was born… and court records show that a paternity test was a part of the proceedings in their divorce. William filed a response to the Court about Colby being born during the marriage and that there was a probability that he was not the biological father. He requested the court to order paternity tests.

“He is void of consciousness of right or wrong and lacks any virtue of good character. His lifestyle is similar to a pathological liar and sociopath…. He is unemployed and unskilled and has no marketable skills… he lacks integrity and/or any desire to accomplish or live a worthwhile or productive life. My family has been patient and kind to him and have offered him help and made gifts to him to see if he could get the message and example of human kindness, however William is void of any light and intelligence to know the difference between right or wrong.”

12/17/96 – Lori files Affidavit of Inability: unable to pay court costs. She testifies that she is unemployed, has no ownership of property, no credit cards, no credit, $5000 in debt, spouse is unemployed. Monthly income consists of $292 in food stamps and $198 AFDC (Aid to Families with Dependent Children) in cash for living expenses from the government welfare Dept of Human Services. Eligibility: unemployed and have dependent(s) under 18yrs old.

Feb 25, 1998: the divorce was finalized between Lori and William.

Lori remained unmarried between 1998 – 2001.

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