Charles Vallow: The Untold Story Part One

Charles Leland Vallow was shot and killed on July 11, 2019 in Chandler, AZ allegedly by Alexander Cox, the brother of Lori Vallow-Daybell. Alex Cox claimed to shoot Vallow in self defense. 

Lori Vallow was the third wife of Charles, and he was the fourth husband of Lori’s. Charles’ second marriage was to Cheryl Norton Wheeler. That marriage did not end gracefully. Their divorce began in 2003 with a restraining order and assault charge filed against Charles, charges were eventually dropped by Cheryl for reasons unknown. Their divorce continued with a custody battle over their two sons through 2014, eventually intertwining with Lori and Joe Ryan’s custody battle over Tylee Ryan.

According to court documents we have obtained, Cheryl filed the original petition of divorce and a request for a temporary restraining order on April 9, 2003. Cheryl’s affidavit states “We are no longer able to live with each other because of my husband’s temper, bipolar condition and his addiction to alcohol. Even when he takes his medication for his bipolar condition, the medicine is ineffective because of his continual consumption of alcohol. He has a bad temper and continues to drink. My husband is verbally abusive and loses his temper often. He has threatened to run away with both of our children and never let me see them again. He has moved out of our residence and has not notified me of his address. Recently, the children were arguing over a toy. My husband grabbed a pair of scissors and chased one of my sons through the house trying to get the toy. When my son did not willingly hand over the toy, my husband started throwing things at him. My son got down on the floor in between the two bunk beds in his room. My husband jumped on top of the beds with the scissors in his hand and was over my son on the floor. My son was very scared and was getting very upset. Then my husband grabbed my son and forcefully pulled him up by his arm off the floor and grabbed the toy. I was in fear that my son would be hurt and that because of my husband’s anger he was endangering our son. It is my feeling that my husband is becoming more and more unstable.”

April 11, 2003: Charles’ affidavit states on April 9, 2003, my wife Cheryl Vallow, obtained a temporary restraining order… The order was obtained based on incorrect facts… “It is true I have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, and I take medication for it. Until two weeks ago, my diagnosis had been agitated depression, at which time my psychiatrist diagnosed me as bipolar. I take Depakote for this condition and feel it is working.” The actual facts pertaining to the alleged threat to take the children from her are that we were having a argument over her spending habits (she purchased a comforter for $2,300.00 without my permission)”

May 18, 2003: Charles Vallow was arrested on a Class A Misdemeanor- Assault with Injury. The arrest affidavit states “Charles called Travis County Sheriff’s Office to report that he believed his wife was going to come to the house and start and argument with him. It was later discovered by affiant through phone messages left by Charles, that he in fact had called her before, during, and after arrival, threatening to tell their kids about an affair if she did not contact him.” The victim was pushed about the head, arms, grabbed, and pushed into the wall with hand. Injury sustained by victims is pain, redness on arms and back from being grabbed and pushed into the wall.

A motion for emergency protection order against Charles was granted to Cheryl on May 18, 2003. The order was to be in effect until midnight July 16, 2003. The motion states “Charles repeatedly stated that he was very angry about an alleged affair by Cheryl.” Charles’ bail was set at $10,000 including a Travis County Counseling & Education Services Department counseling agreement for a family violence evaluation. 

June 27, 2003: The final decree of divorce was signed. 

August 21, 2003 The State of Texas requested dismissal of the assault charges against Charles for the reason: the complaining witness (Cheryl) has requested dismissal.

November 9, 2006: Cheryl filed a order for enforcement against Charles alleging violations. 

Violation 1- has taken the children to doctors that were not agreed on.

Violation 2- has given and is continuing to give the children medication that was not prescribed to the children.

Violation 3- authorized an invasive medical procedure to be performed on Zachary Vallow, without agreement. 

Violation 4- refuses to accept certified mail as proper notice.

Violation 5- has not taken the children, or has not allowed Cheryl to take the children, to their agreed upon extra curricular activities, particularly cub scouts. 

Violation 6- has not provided Cheryl with health information.

Violation 7- continually calls and emails Cheryl and her husband for non emergency issues that Cheryl finds harassing and sometimes threatening.

Violation 8- has not provided Cheryl with consent for a passport for the children within 10 days. The request was sent certified, return receipt requested, and was refused by Charles. 

Violation 9- has not reimbursed Cheryl uninsured medical expenses.

February 7, 2007: Charles requests a order from the court compelling Cheryl to submit to a mental examination by a qualified psychologist.

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