CAPTURED: Trenton Adams, Considered Armed and Dangerous

UPDATE: Arrest Made

On April 8th, 2021, around 8:00 a.m., Trenton Adams was arrested in Houston, TX. Trenton is currently awaiting arraignment and extradition back to Ellis County, Texas where he will be charged for the murder of Jordan Von Hoffman. Continue reading below for the timeline and all that has occurred while Adams has been on the run from authorities. WTAF will continue to update as more of the facts of this case begin to emerge.

Ellis County Press Release
Trenton Adams (right) photographed with his girlfriend, Lauren Dovers, (left).

đź’Ą Per ECSO )Ellis County Sheriff’s Office –subject(s) are to be considered armed and dangerous. If seen, do not approach. Please call ECSO Investigator Brian McIntosh 972-825-4919.

The victim, Jordan Von Hoffman.

Jordan Von Hoffman was found brutally murdered 3/24/2021. Identification of his body was unable to be verified until 3/25/2021. The victim was found on property belonging to Trenton Adams aka Trenton Hector in Ellis County, TX. Von Hoffman was last known to be returning a vehicle to Adams on 3/20/2021. Since the discovery of the victim’s body, Trenton Adams has made an ominous Facebook post near the border of Mexico. Law Enforcement is tight lipped and not saying much at this time. The person of interest, Trenton Adams, is photographed below and on the run. The POI has a noticeable lazy eye. #BOLO #share #wanted #texascrime

Posted to Facebook on 3/24/2021 by Trenton Adams.

Trenton’s girlfriend has also made some posts of her own. It’s unclear whether the two are currently accompanying each other, however locals and family say the two are with each other.

Lauren Dover’s Facebook post.

Speculation is that Lauren cheated on Trenton with Jordan. However, WTAF cannot confirm that as fact or fiction at this time, so that information is considered hearsay until we are able to verify.

Below are some various social media posts that WTAF has found. As well as multiple photos of the POI, Trenton Adams.

Trenton Adams
Trenton Adams
Trenton Adams; note the distinctive tattoos

If you or anyone you know, knows the location of Trenton Adams and/or Lauren Dovers, please call 911 or call ECSO Investigator Brian McIntosh at 972-825-4929.

Let’s Work Together! Help Jordan’s family and loved ones get some answers and Justice for Jordan .

Jordan and his brother.

This article will be updated as we continue to receive and find information.

Who is Trenton Adams?

While WTAF is still sorting information on this case, it’s important to share information about Trenton Adams. Adams is a 28 year old male weighing approximately 200-220 lbs with Sandy blonde hair and blue eyes. He has distinctive tattoos on his neck, one of an hourglass. Adams’s criminal history is excessive, as seen below.

Trenton Adams, 2015 mugshot.
July 2015 public notice of yet another arrest for Trenton Adams.
2011 Convictions for Trenton Adams.
2015 Charges For Trenton Adams.

Trenton Adams Former Girlfriend’s Input

The former girlfriend of Trenton Adams has made public statements regarding his abusive behavior. Trenton served time in prison for strangling her.

UPDATE…. The following has been issued for IMMEDIATE RELEASE by Ellis County Sheriff’s Office, Texas:

The Victim: Jordan Von Hoffman

Jordan Von Hoffman was 29 years old and the proud father of a young daughter. He leaves behind his daughter, his parents, his siblings, and many relatives and family who are beyond devastated.

Murder Victim, Jordan Von Hoffman

Jordan Von Hoffman’s Tribute Video

Jordan’s Funeral
Victim, Jordan Von Hoffman

Speculation About Jordan’s Murder

Family and friends are speaking out on social media regarding Jordan’s disappearance and murder. Jordan left on 3/20/2021 to return a truck to Adams. When Jordan didn’t return and continued to remain gone, even missing work, his mother stated she tried to file a missing persons report. Authorities allegedly declined to declare Jordan as a missing person because he was an adult. Further speculation floating around states that Jordan was found in a shed on the property of Adams. His body had been wrapped in plastic and hidden within the outbuilding.

More Details are surfacing, surrounding Jordan’s murder.

An article released as of 3/29/2021 Wanted For Murder: Trenton Adams

A compilation of Adams’ numerous arrests, mugshots, and criminal history. Criminal History of Trenton Adams

UPDATE: 4/7/2021 Trenton Adams Still At Large

To date, Trenton Adams is still on the run and at large. Recently, Trenton has began playing more social media games. He allegedly created a duplicated social media profile to appear to be his girlfriend, Lauren. Here’s what was posted on that account:

Please note, these allegations are being posted from a man who is on the run for murder. Trenton appears to be posting on social media long enough for people to get screenshots and then deleting the posts. Here’s another deleted post below:

More of Trenton’s Facebook Posts….


Take a look at the photos on the still at large picture. It looks like a photo from Home Depot where Trenton and Lauren are shopping. Maybe for supplies? When zoomed in, the time stamp is the day before the murder.

Photos at Home Depot before zooming in (top left and top center).
Zoomed in photo showing Trenton at Home Depot the day before the murder. Lauren was present with him.
Trenton and Lauren at Home Depot. Lauren can be seen to Trenton’s left in the photo on the left.

Trenton also posted a #saveourchildren post on 3/19/2021, which corresponds with the post made on the fake Lauren Dover’s profile after Jordan’s murder, making accusations against the victim, Jordan Von Hoffman.

Some more insight…

Trenton’s Facebook Taunting Continues

WTAF is closely following this case. Trenton Adams is still on the run and wanted for the murder of Jordan Von Hoffman on 3/20/2021 in Ellis County, Texas. If you or anyone you know, knows the whereabouts of Trenton Adams, please call 911, 972-937-6060 or 972-825-4919. Do not approach, as Trenton Adams is considered armed and dangerous. UPDATE: Trenton Adams has been arrested and in police custody.

Trenton Adam’s Arrest

Trenton Adams was arrested in Houston, Texas on April 8, 2021. Currently, Trenton is being held in Harris County Jail waiting arraignment on April 12, 2021. Trenton will be arraigned on separate charges in Harris County for a separate, new charge of charge of felony possession of a firearm. Trenton is also being held in Harris county for the felony murder charge in Ellis County. Once processed in Harris County, Trenton will be extradited back to Ellis county for the felony murder charge in the murder of Jordan Von Hoffman.

Felony Murder Charges and Motion To Revoke Parole, Hold in Harris County for Ellis County.
Trenton’s hearing scheduled for 4/12/2021
Probable Cause for the felony possession of a firearm, Harris County, Texas.
Probable Cause for the felony possession of a firearm, Harris County, Texas.
Probable Cause for the felony possession of a firearm, Harris County, Texas.
Trenton Adams Case Activity, Harris County, Texas

The Murder Location

Jordan Von Hoffman was found in a shed on property in rural Ennis. WTAF was able to locate the address. The owner and the owner’s family are very close friends of Jordan. While it’s still unclear why Trenton claimed this was his home or why he was there, we hope to uncover that information. From all appearances, it seems Jordan was the one with the strong connection to this family and their property. Photos of the murder location can be found below.

Ensign Road, Ennis, Texas
Ensign Road, Ennis, Texas
Ensign Road, Ennis, Texas
Ensign Road, Ennis, Texas
Ensign Road, Ennis, Texas
Ensign Road, Ennis, Texas

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Please check back later for more updates. – The WTAF Team