Letecia Stauch: Letter To The Judge, Feb 2021 – Part One

A letter that Letecia Stauch wrote to El Paso County judge, Judge Werner, was recently released to the public. Letecia’s letter is very much her own point of view and her own perception. The full letter can be viewed below.

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One of the most glaring parts of this letter is her mention of a biological son. At first, we thought she just must be confused and is calling Gannon her biological son. But, no, she is very clear when she continues on to say “I will protect my bio son and I will protect the drugs and violence documented from my step son.”  

The WTAF team discussed it and we all thought we remembered something early on in the case of a rumor that Tecia was pregnant. So, we went to searching in the history of our Facebook group for Gannon. We found a post made by a group admin on Feb. 25, 2020 (prior to Gannon being located) which included some screen shots that were apparently emails between Al Stauch and Tecia. Prior to and around this time, Tecia had been posting on social media, was in Facebook groups, and had numerous family members speaking on her behalf.  An anonymous person, who apparently had personal contact with Tecia, shared private messages stating that Tecia claimed to have been pregnant. 


The social media chatter about her being pregnant wasn’t really based on facts. Group members questioned the authenticity of anything that Tecia put out onto Facebook and rumors were consistently running rampant around that time. 





Later in the year, in September 2020, a YouTuber by the name of “Kit” uploaded a few recorded phone calls she had with Leticia Stauch. We discussed this in our Facebook group for Gannon as well.  In one of the phone calls, Tecia says “Angel didn’t want to go forward… cause she knew how dangerous he was. She wanted witness protection but they’re not going to give her that.” The other person asks Tecia if Angel is her friend. Tecia says “yeah she babysat for us while we were on the cruise, we use her for babysitting a lot.”

Later in the call, Tecia says “the video, I’m gonna get it released but I gotta make sure of safety first because she’s pregnant. You remember she’s pregnant, right? She’s pregnant with our child because she was gonna be a surrogate, um, and then um…. She’s gonna be going into labor like in the next couple of days or whatever and so I just need to make sure that she’s got protection but you can say what I told you and that the video will be out soon.” 








So, if what she said is true, then the baby would be a few months old, as of the date of this writing. And now, Tecia is writing a letter to one of the judges saying her biological son needs to be protected. We can’t help but wonder WHAT is the video Tecia claimed to be releasing? 

In the letter, Leticia says she has to “protect the drugs and violence documented from my step son.” It is a confusing statement. The way it is written is as if she’s saying that she has to protect Gannon from the drugs and violence that was done to him. But we think what she probably intended to say is that she will keep the drugs and violence that was perpetrated onto Gannon protected; as in, she wants to keep it private and not share it. In the same recorded jail call mentioned above, as well as in other audio recordings to the same YouTuber, Tecia does throw out the idea that Al Stauch was a drug user. The WTAF team has not uncovered any information to validate her claim.  

We will continue to update this blog post with some more of our thoughts about her letter to Judge Werner.  

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