NEW Obtained Documents in Joe Ryan’s Fight for Tylee Ryan

Joe Ryan with Tylee Ryan

WARNING: These documents obtain graphic content.

Joseph Ryan was the third husband of the infamous Lori Vallow-Daybell. On March 17, 2001 Joe and Lori married in Maui, HI. On September 24, 2002 they welcomed their baby girl, Tylee Ashlyn Ryan, into the world. Tylee was Joe’s first and only child. She was Lori’s second biological child. Lori filed for divorce from Joe on August 13, 2004. At the time of the divorce filing Tylee was just under two years old. After the marriage ended Joe Ryan spent the remainder of his life fighting to be a part of Tylee’s life. On April 3, 2018 Joe Ryan was found deceased in his apartment.

On February 24, 2006 Lori married Charles Vallow in Clark County, NV. It’s no secret there was a very contentious custody battle between Joe and Lori over Tylee. The custody battle began to grow out of control in August 2006 lasting through at least 2014, after Lori and Charles Vallow wed. 

The WTAF team initially acquired 3,000+ court documents in July 2020 of the custody battle dating from 2006-2013. Those documents provided us with a wide range of insight to Charles and Lori’s past behavior, and the life long battle Joe fought for Tylee’s well being.  We have now obtained new custody court documents from the year 2011.  

According to court records on August 5, 2011 Joe Ryan filed a petition to modify child custody, parenting time, and child support. The documents state the following reasons for the modification request:

  • The court should know that the Chandler PD have charged the mother with interfering with judicial process regarding court ordered visitation. In short, the mother will do anything in her power to frustrate and/or hopefully, to deny me access to my daughter. I attended Tylee’s play with her on video seeing and smiling at me knowing I was there. Tylee was removed from the theater by an unknown person and I was neither allowed to see her, nor contact my daughter after the performance. Mother and her mother Janice Cox and sister Summer Shiftlet completely sequestered Tylee from me. Also, Charles Vallow was also caught on video attending the scheduled exchange violating a permanent injunction to not be at any exchanges. It has also been noted in the police reports, that mother left her vehicle in the Chandler Arts Center parking lot overnight creating concern and alarm a flight risk might be in action. [Exhibit A: Chandler PD incident report 9 pgs]
  • Parental alienation has occurred as perpetrated by the mother since May of 2006 to date. I did not have any contact with Tylee for year and three months from ages 3-5 years old.
  • Psychological abuse has occurred by the mother with our child resulting appointed therapist stating they asked the mother to stop pushing our daughter but she refused to stop. There is four years of court documented pressure/coaching to produce outcries including a 3 year old using words “molested” ; “If she told I would kill her” ; “burn her family to death”. Our daughter, Tylee, could not have begun to understand these allegations at her age. This resulted in Tylee being taken to advocates, police, and therapist roughly 30 times in four years. [Exhibit B: Texas Department of Family and Protective Services report including notes and statements dated from January 31, 2007- April 25, 2007]
  • The court should also be aware that the mother has endangerment our daughter on numerous occasions. For instance, at 5 years old Tylee was ina Phoenix Children’s Hospital for potential life threatening pancreatitis that required immediate family history to assess causes. Charles Vallow was listed on intake as father. I’m not placed on any documents nor notified by mother, which is a violation of the current orders. The GAL, that was involved in our case wrote that all litigation is causing stress and contributing to our daughter’s attacks; however the mother will not end litigation after our settlement in August of 2009. [Exhibit C: court transcript of Lori Vallow’s testimony stating Joe Ryan was not listed as Tylee’s father on hospital records]
  • Reported threats and danger to father. Court appointed psychologist after interviewing mother reports “I am gravely concerned the reaction of the recommendations in this report by mother, Mrs. Vallow. I am deeply concerned and consider the situation to one labeled as eminent danger of a flight risk.” Further in report: “Mrs. Vallow has mentioned to me that death would be an option before giving Tylee to her father, Mr. Joseph Ryan, even for a visit. These are real concerns.” [Exhibit D: Dr. Poole’s psychological evaluation report on Lori Vallow]
  • Mother fled to Austin when judge ordered mother to have psychological evaluations; when father filed a motion for contempt, mother violated Travis County standing orders that state not to remove the child from the state, abode, school, or disturb the peace of the child. Mother ignored and violated all points of orders.
  • On two occasions, the Texas Court has previously threatened to remove Tylee from the care of mother and give me full custody. This was because of mother’s extreme intransigence and emotional loading of the child. In fact, in 2009 the judge was documented as threatening to remove Tylee based on more sexual allegations against her stepson, Cole Vallow, were made. He was reported as masturbating over Tylee while she was asleep. CPS investigated and thoroughly questioned Tylee. [Exhibit E: court reporter transcript of judge stating he would remove Tylee from Lori’s care if need be and having serious concerns of what is happening in the Vallow home]
  • Mother guilty of disturbing the peace. In 2009 the mother was found guilty of disturbing the peace of the child and a permanent injunction was filed against Charles Vallow preventing him from being at exchanges. Mother and her husband took Tylee away from me during our vacation in 2009 in Gilbert, AZ and the mother was found lying to Gilbert Police and then lying to the judge in Travis hearing the case that created the guilty charges.
  • Mother lied to the court in 2007 and refused visitation. She also interfered with Tylee and I completing our “reunification plan” in Austin. Mother was documented forging/altering doctor’s reports and lied about her father dying in Phoenix when he was in San Antonio, TX at a Federal Court hearing prior to a court ordered forfeiture of his home. [Exhibit G: court transcript of Lori Vallow’s testimony stating she does not remember the judge saying he would remove Tylee from her care and her father’s death bed]
  • Upon the first supervised visit, after not seeing Tylee for 1.3 years, the mother’s brother, Alex Cox, was convicted of a 2nd degree felony; aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. In court, under oath, the mother denied any prior knowledge of the attack, did not know how he got to Austin from Arizona, did not know how he knew I had a visit; as to when, where, and what time…etc. I believe that a parent should protect their children from dangerous people. Obviously, mother feels differently. [Exhibit H: Letter from Travis county victim services to Joe Ryan regarding compensation from the attack by Alex Cox]
  • Earlier in 2007 mother’s stepson, Cole Vallow, and her son Colby Ryan (not father’s biological son) were reportedly having sex together. Cole’s mother, Cheryl Wheeler, filed to have visitation terminated to Lori and Charles’ house. Further, the judge ruled that “surveillance cameras” be installed throughout their house. I certainly hope that the court can see that my daughter is in danger in many ways in the household of mother. [Exhibit I: a letter from Cheryl Wheeler to the courts regarding the allegations happening in the Vallow home, stating the Vallow’s should have and could have prevented the incidents, and The Vallow home is an unsafe environment]
  • The court should know that the mother’s intransigence is ongoing. For instance, the past Father’s Day 2011, mother did not show up with Tylee for visitation. The City of Gilbert opened a Cause # __________ in this regard.
  • Mother is also violating the 2009 interlocutory orders by not engaging in an agreed audit of my overpaid child support totally approximately $9,000. Mother continues to state “her records” reflect a $0 balance owed by her. I have provided a complete audit from the office of the Attorney General records in a pro-doc format. The mother has continued not to produce any records and continues to frustrate this process. I am seeking full custody and primary care of my daughter based upon the above-referenced factors. [Exhibit J: emails between Joe Ryan and Lori Vallow regarding child support audits]
Joe Ryan files incident report against Lori Vallow with Chandler PD
Texas Department of Family and Protective Services Report
Court reporter transcript
Court reporter transcript of judge addressing Lori Vallow
Cheryl Wheeler’s letter to the court

On October 7, 2011 Lori Vallow filed a response to the petition to modify child custody…. Joe filed.

  •  Respondent denies all allegations. In fact, most of what has been stated by the petitioner (Joe Ryan) is a total twisting of the actual facts and the bulk of the allegations have already been addressed in a jury trial that occurred in Texas. Regarding recent charges against mother, Respondent states that the charges were only brought as a result of petitioner’s instigation and are without merit. Respondent is confident that the charges, once addressed, will either be dropped or dismissed.
  • Respondent denies each and every allegation made by the petitioner not specifically admitted herein. Respondent shall provide a more detailed response to petitioner’s unfounded and false allegations after a hearing date is set.


Respondent respectfully requests that the court do the following:

  • Deny petitioner’s petition to modify
  • Order the reduction of petitioner’s access time to be in accordance with what actually occurs
  • Order child support to be recalculated taking into account petitioner’s job change, medical insurance payments, and access time
  • Order petitioner to recommence payment of child support and payment on his arrearages

On October 31, 2011 Lori Vallow filed a Supplement to her initial response.

  • Father’s request for modification of custody should be denied… Father has simply pieced together events, many of which were adjudicated in Texas, in an effort to support his position.
  • Charges against mother. Despite father’s claims to the contrary, there was no agreed upon exchange! Father’s allegations against mother of her “interfering with judicial process” are based on false statements and accusations made by father. Father showed up at mother’s place of business and demanded visitation. It was not a agreed to exchange. Father was extremely agitated and harassed mother in front of her clientele. Because mother refused to engage in confrontational activities with father, father became very disruptive which resulted in the police being called.
  • Mother denies all allegations
  • Parenting time. Father has failed to exercise his access on a regular basis for several months. In light of this failure to abide by the established access schedule and in view of the fact that the child’s counselor has stated that it is very stressful for the minor child to spend extended periods of time with father, the only modification to parenting time should be for the minor child to spend less time with father.
  • The exhibits submitted by Lori are the final decree of divorce from 2005, custody agreements from 2008 and 2009, letter from MGI Investigations dated 9/17/04 as Janice Cox as the client requesting a criminal background on Joseph Ryan, and child support financial reports.
MGI Investigations statement listing Janice Cox as the client for a criminal background check on Joe Ryan from September 13, 2004

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