Charles Vallow: The Untold Story Part Two

Charles Leland Vallow was fatally shot on July 11, 2019 in Chandler, AZ, allegedly by Alexander Cox, the brother of Lori Vallow-Daybell. Alex Cox claimed to shoot Vallow, his brother in law, in self defense.

Lori Vallow was the third wife of Charles and Charles was the fourth husband of Lori. Charles’ second marriage was to Cheryl Norton Wheeler. That marriage did not end gracefully. Their divorce began in 2003 with a restraining order and assault charge filed against Charles.

Charges were eventually dropped by Cheryl for reasons unknown. The divorce of Charles and Cheryl continued with a custody battle over their two sons through 2014. The Vallow/Wheeler divorce eventually began intertwining with Lori and Joe Ryan’s custody battle over Tylee Ryan.

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According to court documents previously obtained by the WTAF team, on April 9, 2007, Cheryl Wheeler filed an affidavit with the courts for support of extraordinary relief.

The affidavit states “I am bringing this suit based on several facts and a number of incidents that have taken place which cause me grave concern for the safety and emotional well-being of my children.” Cheryl goes on to state “I fear for the emotional growth and mental stability of my children when they are with their father. I believe that Cole and Zach could be in significant danger of sexual abuse, narcotic overdose, and/or physical danger while under the care and control of Charles Vallow. I request that possession be suspended between Charles Vallow and our sons until the court makes orders that will protect the health and safety of my children.” The following reasons were listed for her request.

  • For the past ten months, Lori Vallow, my sons’ step-mother, has been embroiled in a bitter custody battle with her ex-husband, Mr. Joseph Ryan, including scathing allegations of sexual abuse. In this ongoing litigation, Mr. Tom Ware, a guardian ad litem, has been appointed to look after the interests of the children. Mr. Ware, having heard the evidence allegations of the parties, has now suggested to the court that both Lori Vallow, and her son, Colby undergo psycho-sexual evaluations.
  • Whether it is because Colby has been a victim of sexual abuse or a deviant proclivity, I cannot say. However, my sons have made several allegations of sexual abuse at the hands of their step-brother Colby while at the Vallow House. Zach has also shared this information with his therapist, Mark White.
  • The boys also revealed that Colby witnesses Charles and Lori Vallow engaging in sexual relations. Colby has left questionable telephone messages for Cole saying “I miss the things we do at night.” Further, I found a provocative photo of Colby’s little sister Tylee (4 yrs. old) to Cole’s cell phone.
  • Their father is aware of the sexual abuse allegations by his sons against his step-son, and that Colby has been ordered to undergo psycho-sexual testing and has taken no precautions to protect his sons or even investigate the allegations. I feel the Vallow household is an unstable and dangerous place for my children.
  • Charles’ erratic behavior is evidenced by telephone messages left on Cole’s telephone in which Mr. Vallow is rambling, incoherent, and his speech was slurred.
  • Another area of concern arose when my son came to me and said he was having trouble sleeping and asked if I could give him a sleeping pill. A commercial for the prescription sleep aid, Lunesta came on television. Cole pointed to the television and stated that “that’s what dad gives us to sleep.” In January, Cole told me, “Dad and Lori give us all kinds of those green Advil (NyQuil) and Lunesta so we go to bed early. They practically shove it down our throat.” Mr. Vallow is not only abusing prescription drugs himself, but is giving them to our children!
  • I have consistently had problems with Mr. Vallow taking our children for medical treatments, seeking out medical attention when none is warranted, and even going so far as to have a surgical procedure done on Zach without my consent. Charles made an appointment to have a non-FDA approved blistering cream applied to Zach’s chest. When Charles was informed that Dr. Viernes would not apply the cream based on my insistence that Zach not be treated, Charles called his plastic surgeon, and had a prescription issued in his own name.
  • Charles has significant psychological issues that are having detrimental effects on his treatment and care of our children.
  • Additionally, I am concerned about the overall stability and environment of the Vallow household that has hindered my children’s emotional stability. While at their father’s home, they witness excessive fighting between Lori and Charles Vallow. Zach has described to me one such incident that took place while the whole family was riding in the car. Lori was pulling on Charles’ arm, while he was controlling the steering wheel, causing the car to swerve. Zach was terrified they were going to crash, and told me he began to cry.
  • During Spring Break of this year, the boys spent three weeks away from their father. The change in their demeanor and behavior was astonishing. Prior to the extended visitation in March, Cole experienced motor tics in his neck, would have continuous health complaints, would not look people in the eye for even simple tasks, like ordering from a waiter. He was very moody, withdrawn, and even pushed me down one weekend after returning from his father’s house. This is very concerning, because Cole has NEVER been physical with me.
  • After being away from his father, I saw dramatic improvements in Cole’s behavior. His tic disappeared, he became engaged in conversations, funny, light natured, and less burdened by daily life. Cole began laughing like I had not seen him do in over a year. It made me sad that there was this happy kid inside there somewhere, just waiting to come out.
  • Zach also exhibits very different behavior when he is away from his father. Prior to our three weeks away, Zach has been very withdrawn. He was needy and dependent, and would wake up with occasional nightmares and bed-wetting, and complained of constant fatigue. After his time away from the Vallow household, Zach has not been excessively tired and not experienced a nightmare or wet his bed even once. He has taken on many new “big boy” responsibilities and chores without complaint. He seems to enjoy spending time with my husband Mark and has an overall sense of security and calm about him.
  • I fear for the emotional growth and mental stability of my children when they are with their father. I believe that Cole and Zach could be in significant danger of sexual abuse, narcotic overdose, and/or physical danger while under the care and control of Charles Vallow. I request that possession be suspended between Charles Vallow and our sons until the court makes orders that will protect the health and safety of my children.

On April 10, 2007 Cheryl filed a request for a Temporary Restraining Order against Charles.

April 25, 2007 the courts appointed a Guardian ad litem. Ordering the Travis County Domestic Relations Office to appoint a representative to act as a GAL for the children.

Gail Johnson appointed as Guardian Ad Litem
  • This order constitutes the appointment of a GAL shall conduct an investigation to the extent that the GAL considers necessary to determine the best interest of the children. Any tasks specifically designated in this order are not intended to limit the GAL’s investigation in any way.
  • It is ordered that each party shall contact the manager of Family Court Services, Travis County Domestic Relations Office on or before April 27, 2007. It is ordered that each party shall consent to the release to the GAL of copies of the children’s and the party’s own medical records, school records, psychiatric and psychological evaluations, and therapy and counseling records, if requested by the GAL, unless that party requests a court hearing to keep the records confidential.
  • Father is ordered to pay the Travis County Domestic Relations Office $2,700. Mother is ordered to pay $0
  • The GAL shall serve until the GAL files a written report, at which time the GAL is dismissed. The written report shall be in the form of a letter submitted directly to the court no later than May 25, 2007 with copies sent to the attorneys.
  • The GAL shall interview the children who are subject to this suit to determine the children’s wishes and desires concerning conservatorship and possession.
  • The Gal shall determine whether a child abuse investigation has been conducted by the Texas Department of Protective and Regulatory Services or law enforcement agency, and determine the results of any investigation.
  • The GAL shall investigate the allegations of family violence.
  • The GAL shall conduct a physical investigation of Mother and Father’s home for the purpose of interviewing the boys and determining the safety of the homes and the implementation of the safety plan in the father’s home.
  • The GAL shall give an opinion as to conservatorship. The GAL shall interview all persons and review all records necessary to give this opinion.
  • The GAL shall give an opinion as to a schedule for possession and access. The GAL shall interview all persons and review all records necessary to give this opinion.
  • The GAL shall give an opinion as to supervised access to the children. If supervision is recommended, the GAL shall specify the name of the person or agency appropriate to do the supervision. The GAL shall interview all persons and review all records necessary to give this opinion.
  • The GAL shall give an opinion as to whether the court should interview the boys, Zach and Cole, regarding allegations of sexual abuse and continued visitation.
Email correspondence between attorneys regarding surveillance cameras
Email correspondence between attorneys regarding surveillance cameras
Email correspondence regarding surveillance cameras
Email correspondence regarding surveillance cameras

May 7, 2007 Charles filed a counter claim in suit to modify the parent-child relationship

  • Respondent believes that the parties will agree on a parenting plan regarding the rights, duties, possession and access to the children.
  • Respondent enters a general denial of allegations 
  • Respondent requests Cheryl Wheeler pay for attorney fees and court costs.
  • Respondent owned, possessed, or had right to immediate possession of a cell phone he purchased so that he could have telephone access to his son, Cole Vallow. On or about April 23, 2007 Petitioner (Cheryl) wrongfully exercised dominion or control over the Respondent’s personal property by placing the cell phone into evidence in a court proceeding. Respondent lost the right to possession of the cell phone as a direct and proximate result of Petitioner’s wrongful exercise of dominion or control over Respondent’s personalty. 

May 25, 2007 GAL Report to the Court:

The following was done:

  • Office visit with each parent individually
  • School visit with each child individually
  • Home visit at each home with the children and including other members of the household
  • Camera surveillance noted in Father’s home (cameras pointed at beds of 3 boys and in the living room; monitor in parent’s room in closeable cabinet; only visual with proper lighting
  • Checked criminal and CPS records
  • Conversations with Detective Skrocki (investigating allegations of step-sibling against other party), Susan Shinsky (therapist for 2 step-siblings), Dr. Poole (Father’s evaluation and conversations with Cole and Zach Vallow), Mark White (previous therapist for Vallow boys), Dr. Dobyn (Cheryl Wheeler’s psychiatrist), Dr. Thorne (Mother’s evaluation), Kamal Kelly (therapist used by Cheryl and Mark Wheeler)
  • Sat in on court hearing regarding the sexual abuse allegations of step-siblings by other party

    The following are recommendations of the Guardian based on the investigation:

  • That no further interviews of these children about possible sexual abuse are appropriate or necessary, unless by a qualified therapist who will have continuing therapeutic contact with the children. (Cole and Zach have denied any abusive behaviors to all who have asked; CPS, Mark White, David Poole)
  • That the safety issues in the home of the father, Mr. Vallow, would be best addressed by father and step-mother attending a protective parenting class and a sex abuse dynamics group (respectively), both held at the center for child protection. This would be in lieu of camera surveillance. Classes would inform them of appropriate supervision of children with possible sexual abuse issues
  • That Cole and Zach not share a bedroom with step-siblings in father’s home
  • That Cole and Zach Vallow be involved with a therapist to help reestablish trust between them, parents/step-parents and step-siblings and address other issues as apparent. Parents and step-parents to be involved as therapist requests
  • That mother and father be named joint managing conservators with shared rights and duties; primary residence continues as mother’s right
  • That father continues his possession schedule as it has been, with no supervision
  • Domestic violence was alleged on 5-18-03 with a two month protective order. This does not appear to have continued as the final decree of divorce was signed on 6-27-03 with no restrictions and father having expanded standard possession order. There is no further documentation of domestic violence
  • That each parent follow the recommendations from their psychological evaluation

July 10, 2007 Cheryl Wheeler filed a motion to quash Stephen Thorne’s testimony. She claims Stephen Thorne was served solely for the purpose of harassment, and lacks standing and substantial legal purpose.

Subpoena for Stephen Thorne
Financial statement submitted by Charles Vallow regarding support
Financial statement submitted by Charles Vallow Cont.
Financial statement submitted by Cheryl Wheeler regarding support
Financial statement submitted by Cheryl Wheeler Cont.

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