Vallow-Daybell: People To Know & Timeline of Events

WTAF has been continuously covering The Vallow-Daybell case since December 2019, when it was first made public. We started creating a list of people to know and timeline of events after discovering the case, to help others easily navigate the events leading up to this point. We have extensively researched and verified all the facts in the timeline below.

People To Know:

  • Lori Vallow-Daybell – mother of Colby Ryan, Tylee Ryan, and JJ Vallow
  • Colby Ryan – son of William Lagioia and Lori
  • Kelsee Ryan – wife of Colby Ryan
  • Tylee Ryan – daughter of Joe Ryan and Lori
  • JJ Vallow – adopted son of Charles Vallow and Lori
  • Barry Cox – Lori’s father
  • Janis Cox – Lori’s mother
  • Stacey Cope – Lori’s sister and Melani Pawlowski’s mother
  • Alex Cox – Lori’s brother
  • Adam Cox – Lori’s brother
  • Laura Cox – Lori’s sister
  • Summer Cox – Lori’s sister
  • Nelson Yanes – first husband of Lori
  • William Lagioia – second husband of Lori and father of Colby Ryan
  • Joe Ryan – Lori’s third husband and father of Tylee Ryan
  • Charles Vallow – Lori’s fourth husband and father of Zach, Cole, and JJ Vallow
  • Kimberly Williams – Charles’ first wife
  • Cheryl Wheeler – second wife of Charles and mother of Zach and Cole Vallow
  • Zach Vallow – son of Charles and Cheryl
  • Cole Vallow – son of Charles and Cheryl
  • Chad Daybell – first and only husband of Tammy Daybell, fifth and current husband of Lori
  • Tammy Daybell – deceased wife of Chad
  • Emma Murray – daughter of Chad and Tammy
  • Joseph Murray – husband of Emma
  • Garth Daybell – son of Chad and Tammy
  • Seth Daybell – son of Chad and Tammy
  • Makayla Daybell – wife of Seth
  • Leah Murphy – daughter of Chad and Tammy
  • Adam Murphy – Leah’s husband
  • Mark Daybell – son of Chad and Tammy
  • Jack and Sheila Daybell – parents of Chad
  • Matt Daybell – brother of Chad
  • Samantha and Jason Gwilliam – sister of Tammy Daybell
  • Melani Pawlowski – Lori’s niece and daughter of Stacey
  • Brandon Boudreaux – first husband of Melani Pawlowski and father of her four children
  • Ian Pawlowski – second and current husband of Melani
  • Natalie Pawlowski – first wife of Ian and mother of his two kids
  • Zulema Pastenes – wife of Alex Cox and follower of Chad
  • Joseph Lopez – son of Zulema
  • Zac Cox – son of Adam and nephew of Lori
  • Joe Pongratz – close friend and landlord in Arizona of Charles and Lori
  • Matt and Reagan Price – neighbors of Chad and Tammy
  • Melanie Gibb – wife of David and friend and follower of Lori and Chad
  • Clifford Gibb – ex-husband of Melanie and father of her children
  • David Warwick – boyfriend/husband of Melanie Gibb and friend/follower of Lori and Chad
  • Julie Rowe – author, friend, and follower of Chad
  • Eric Smith – friend and supporter of Julie Rowe
  • Michael and Nancy James – owners of Preparing A People
  • Jason Mow – ex-law enforcement with Arizona, Preparing A People podcast speaker with Lori, Chad, and Melanie G
  • April Raymond – friend of Charles and Lori in Hawaii
  • Kay Woodcock – biological grandmother of JJ Vallow and sister of Charles
  • Larry Woodcock – biological grandfather of JJ Vallow and husband of Kay
  • Todd Trahan – biological father of JJ
  • Mandy Leger – biological mother of JJ
  • Sean Bartholick – original attorney of Chad and Lori
  • Mark Means – current attorney for Lori
  • John Prior – current attorney for Chad


08/17/1956: Leland Charles Anthony Vallow birth in Lake Charles, LA

11/1958: Joseph Anthony Ryan Jr birth 

11/19/1965: Barry L Cox marries Janis L Conner in Sacramento, CA. Janis was 18 and Barry was 24. 

06/17/1966: Stacey Lynne Cox born to Barry and Janis Cox

01/18/1968: Alexander Lamar Cox born to Barry and Janis Cox

08/11/1968: Chad Guy Daybell birth in Provo, UT

04/04/1969: Adam Cox is born to Barry and Janis Cox

05/04/1970: Tamara “Tammy” Douglas Daybell birth in Pasadena, CA

01/1971: Melanie Racheal Gibb born

06/24/1971: Laura Lee Cox born to Barry and Janis Cox 

08/05/1971: Laura Lee Cox death 

06/26/1973: Lori Norene Cox birth in San Bernardino, CA

09/23/1975: Summer Novelle Cox born to Barry and Janis Cox

03/16/1984: Charles Vallow marries his first wife Kimberly Williams in Dallas, TX

08/18/1986: Kimberly Williams files a petition for divorce from Charles Vallow

03/09/1990: Chad Daybell and Tammy Douglas marry at Manti Temple in UT.

05/18/1991: Charles Vallow and Cheryl Norton (Wheeler) marry in Travis County, TX

1992: Lori marries Nelson Yanes

07/26/1995: Nicholas “Cole” Charles Vallow is born 

10/22/1995: Lori Cox married William Lagioia in Travis County, TX

04/08/1996: Colby Jordon Cox birth in Travis County, TX (no father is listed on Texas Dept of Health Bureau of Vital Statistics birth index.) Lori changed Colby’s last name to Ryan, sometime during her marriage to Joe Ryan

12/17/1996: Lori Cox files petition for divorce from William Lagioia in Bexar County, TX

02/25/1998: final divorce decree issued in the matter of Lori Cox vs William Lagioia

05/21/1998: Stacey L. Cope death 

06/18/1998: Zachary Chase Vallow is born 

03/17/2001: Lori Cox marries Joseph Ryan in Maui, HI

09/24/2002: Tylee Ashlyn Ryan birth

04/09/2003: Cheryl Wheeler files a petition for divorce from Charles Vallow

08/13/2004: Lori Ryan petitions for divorce from Joseph Ryan, TRO issued against JR in Hays County, TX.

09/23/2004: Julie Rowe’s first Vision

09/28/2004: Julie Rowe’s first NDE

05/18/2005: final decree of divorce in the matter of Lori Ryan and Joseph Ryan.

02/24/2006: Charles Vallow and Lori Ryan marry in Clark County, NV

08/08/2006: Joseph Ryan files petition to modify divorce decree and motion for temporary and permanent injunction. 

08/18/2006: JR petitions to modify child custody and transfer case to Travis County, TX

09/07/2006: order granted to transfer case of child custody to Travis County, TX.

01/2007: While Adam Cox was a morning personality for KDND-FM in Sacramento, Calif., a 28-year-old woman named Jennifer Strange died of water intoxication hours after participating in an on-air radio contest that was broadcast live by the station.

08/05/2007: at 8913 Collinfield Drive in Austin, TX (Travis County) – custody exchange of Tylee. Joe Ryan was approached by Alex Cox in the parking lot. Alex told Joe we need to talk and pulled an object out of his clothing. Joe thought it was a gun. Joe turned to run and Alex lunged at him. He felt a shock to his shoulder, then a second shock to his back. Joe fell to the ground and realized it was a stun gun not a gun. Alex threatened to kill Joe. Joe got up and ran and Alex chased him around the corner until running into a witness that saw the stun gun. Alex walked away. Joe went to the hospital the next afternoon with chest pains, neck and wrist pain. Joe ended up with a fractured right wrist. Joe reported he was in fear of his life.

According to Alex’s friend, quoted in a Justin Lum article, Alex was apparently living in Phoenix at the time and made the trip out to Austin specifically to attack Joe.

08/15/2007: arrest affidavit for Alex – aggravated assault on Joe Ryan.

NOTE: In 2011, Travis County ordered Alex to pay $5,000 in restitution to Joseph Ryan, and Alex was put on probation.

10/31/2008: Brandon Boudreaux and Melani Cope marry in Utah County, UT.

11/03/2009: death of Leland Eli Vallow (Charles Vallow father) at 78 yrs old, in Lake Charles, LA.

05/25/2012: Joshua Jackson “JJ” Vallow is born. (birth name Canaan Trahan)

2013: Charles and Lori adopt JJ (kinship adoption) 

2014: Per Joe Ryan & Lori’s custody docs, Lori & Charles are said to have moved to Hawaii Aug 1, 2014.  

03/2015: Daybell family moves from Springfield, UT to Salem, ID.

Late 2016/Early 2017: family members report Charles and Lori move from Hawaii to Arizona. 

July 2017: Chad Daybell meets Melanie Gibb and her friend after one of his speaking engagements in Utah and becomes instant friends. Melanie requests Chad speak in her hometown Mesa, AZ in the future. 

  • MG confirms this in her testimony at Chad’s prelim hearing in Aug 2020. Met at a preparedness camp in Morgan, UT.

07/12/2017: PAP podcast #1 Is Rexburg Idaho The Promised Land?: In their debut episode, Michael and Nancy James of Color My Media discuss their upcoming “Preparing A People Conference” held at the Rexburg Tabernacle Civic Center. Michael discusses w/Co-host Chad his latest book “Living On The Edge Of Heaven.”

04/03/2018: Joseph Ryan death of apparent heart attack; later cremated.

04/05/2018: Joseph Ryan ME report. 

Cause of death: Arteriosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease. Manner of Death: Natural. 

06/2018: Chad feels the need to speak in AZ in July and contacts Melanie  for help to set it up. She sets it up within a few days with Jason Mow. (mentioned in the forward Chad wrote for Melanie’s book.)

07/2018: Chad Daybell travels to Mesa, AZ for a speaking engagement with Jason Mow. Earlier in the day Chad had dinner with Melanie Gibb and a friend of Melanie’s. 

09/23/2018: Chad and Lori first meet via Jason Mow.

10/01/2018: Chad, Lori, and Alex begin conspiring to murder Tammy Daybell, according to the May 2021 Indictment.

“That the Defendants, Chad Guy Daybell, Lori Norene Vallow, and Alex Cox (deceased) on or about October 1, 2018 — January 15, 2020, in the County of Fremont, State of ldaho, and elsewhere, including Madison County, and as part of a continuing transaction and common
scheme or plan in Fremont Counties, Idaho, did willfully and knowingly combine, conspire, confederate, and agree to commit Murder in the First Degree of Tamara “Tammy” Daybell, did combine or conspire to commit murder, and one or more of such persons did an act to affect the object ofthe combination or conspiracy.”
Source: Vallow/Daybell Indictment

10/2018: LDS church in Melanie G’s  hometown: Lori visited a class Melanie was teaching. Lori and Melanie began their friendship.

10/2018: Lori accompanied Melanie G on a road trip to ST. George, UT to attend a religious conference. There Melanie saw a man she knew, a frequent speaker at gatherings like these, an end of times fiction author, Chad. Lori was immediately entranced by Chad. She was attracted to him on a spiritual level. *After the conference Melanie could see something had come between Chad and Lori. Lori seemed to be upset a lot. Melanie didn’t know why.*

10/26/2018: According to the May 2021 Indictment, “On or between October 26, 2018 and June 9, 2020, Chad Guy Daybell (and Lori Norene Vallow) did endorse and teach religious beliefs for the purpose of justifying the homicide of JJ Vallow, Tylee Ryan, and Tamera “Tammy” Daybell” Source: Vallow/Daybell Murder Indictment

10/30/2018: Chad emails Lori:

Tylee Ryan: 4.1 dark spirit

Joseph Ryan: dark and sealed away 

JJ Vallow: light spirit level 4.2

11/2018: Charles goes out of town for business. While he is away Lori decides to hold a spiritual conference at their home. Chad traveled to AZ from Rexburg, ID to attend. Chad spent the night in the home of Charles and Lori that night. 

11/2018: Chad tells Lori his revelation that they had been married in previous lives. Lori was drawn to that idea. She was intrigued by it. Chad also tells her of another revelation of his being: the two of them hand been chosen, hand picked by God, to lead an elect group of people, 144K souls, who would usher in the end of times and the second coming of Christ. For example Alex Cox, Zulema, Melani Palowski, Melanie Gibb, etc. Lori was a recruiter for 144K. Chad claimed the righteous would gather near his home in Rexburg, ID. The people of the 144K will move here. They will be in tents in camps. But we don’t like to camp so we won’t be in the tents.

Melanie G’s conversation about Chad and Lori being drawn and obsessed with each other:

Melanie: why don’t you get a divorce? 

Lori: Chad and I are not allowed to.

Chad: me and Lori are exalted, God like. We share a secret. We both led multiple lives, me especially, over thousands of years. 

* Chad has had 31 lives and Lori has had 21 lives. Lori was Chad’s wife in 7 of those lives

12/2018: Chad and Lori visit LDS Temple and perform a do it yourself sealing ceremony. Sealing themselves as husband and wife while both still being married to their spouses. Angel Moroni performed the sealing and Jesus Christ was their witness to the temple sealing. 

12/2018: Lori begins telling Melanie G of visions/dreams she is having of Charles’ death. That he is meant to die. 

12/05/2018: PAP podcast #1 Time to Warrior Up with Lori, Melanie G, and Jason Mow publish their first trio podcast of PAP Warrior up. The podcast is Lori and Melanie’s idea featuring powerful women.

Jan 2019: Charles and Lori move to Gilbert, AZ

Jan 2019: Chad calls Lori and informs her of the prophecies he has had of Charles now becoming a zombie. He claims Charles’ spirit has left his body and been taken over by an unclean spirit. 

01/15/2019: Preparing a People (PAP) podcast – Time to Warrior Up With Chad Daybell pt 1: AZ team invited Chad to the Mesa area to speak and do this podcast about his life, to talk about having died twice when he was younger. Chad joins the warrior trio for the first time. They have lots of laughs and a good time. 

01/22/2019: Chad emails Lori with the subject “Demon with a name, Nick Schneider.”  

01/29/2019: Charles and Lori have phone conversation with Lori after their physical separation. Lori stated she was a God assigned to carry out the work of the 144,000 at Christ’s second coming in July 2020 and if Charles got in her way of her mission she would murder him. 

01/30/2019: Charles goes on business trip to Houston, TX. Another conversation between Lori and Charles: Lori kept referring to Charles as Nick Schneider. When asked who Nick Schneider was, Lori replied that Nick Schneider was Charles’ real name; Nick Schneider had killed Charles and taken his identity. Lori warned Charles she would kill him upon his return home and had an angel there to help her dispose of the body. 

01/31/2019: Charles returns to Gilbert, AZ from business trip in Houston, TX. Charles arrived at airport  but found that Lori had cancelled Charles’ return flight. Charles gets home to AZ and calls Gilbert PD about Lori taking his truck from the airport, changing the locks/locking him out of house, transferring money, taking the kids, threatening to murder him. 

  • There is body cam footage available: 

1) early morning hours at the house with Charles. Charles accesses the house and it is cleared out.  

2) later in the day with Charles was at a hotel. 

3) later in the day with Lori, Tylee, and Melanie G at Gilbert PD office. 

  • Lori is ordered for mental eval; she is allowed to go on her own accord and is released from mental eval within a few hours. 

Feb 2019: Lori leaves Charles and JJ. She takes Tylee with her and they both fly to Kauai and stay with a friend of Lori’s named April Raymond. She tries to recruit April to be a member of the 144K but April declines. Lori has numerous untraceable burner phones with her. Tylee makes a comment “mom you look like a drug dealer with all of your phones” Melanie G claims Chad’s group uses untraceable burner phones for communication. Lori tells April  about light and dark spirits. Lori claims the darkest spirit of all is Oprah Winfrey. Lori tells April she needed to separate herself from her children and join Lori to find the other chosen ones, so they could be together; April respectfully declines Lori’s offer. 

Feb 2019: per Kay Woodcock, Charles spoke with Kay in February 2019 to discuss his life insurance. “Charles and I had a conversation. He had a $1 million dollar policy with Lori as the beneficiary and he told me he wanted me to be the sole recipient…I told him to leave it to his boys but he was worried about what Lori was going to do.” 

Feb 2019: Chad writes a forward for Melanie G’s book Feel the Fire. In it, he writes of first meeting Melanie in Summer 2017 at a campout in northern Utah. One year later in June 2018, after writing his Times of Turmoil series, he “felt a strong impression to speak in AZ” about his novels and “a voice told him to contact Melanie Gibb.” He got her cell number from a mutual friend and Melanie had the idea to organize a combined speaking event with Jason Mow in AZ, which she organized. 

02/04/2019: Charles files Order of Protection against Lori. 

02/06/2019: Lori transfers Charles’ 2,000 enterprise points to an unknown account.

02/11/2019: Charles visits LIFE Academy to inform them of the Order of protection. Allegedly told school officials that he was taking JJ out of school and going out of state to keep him safe. 

02/14/19: Melanie G’s book Feel the Fire is published, kindle edition, unknown publisher. (Amazon also shows a 2nd publish date by Gibb Publishing on 9/17/19.) 

02/15/2019: Charles files a divorce petition requesting temporary sole custody of JJ. LV cannot be located to serve.

02/16/2019: Chad is one of the speakers at Preparing a People event in Boise, ID. 

02/26/2019: Charles requests Banner Life to investigate Lori for changing his account password for the life insurance policy. 

2:49pm: Charles emails Banner Life and states if anything should happen to me before he fixes his access to his policy account, his beneficiary is Kay. He wants nothing to go to Lori or any member of her family. 

March 2019: Lori and Tylee return from Kauai, moved back in with Charles and JJ in Houston, TX. Their family is back together again. Melanie G confused by Lori’s actions after running away from Charles. Lori was aware Charles had a $1M life insurance policy and feared he would leave it to his sister, Kay. Chad had told Lori that Kay was a zombie because she was evil.  

Melanie speaks with Lori:

Melanie: Why did you go back to Charles?

Lori: the Lord told me I had to go back to get his finances in order. 

03/05/2019: Charles filed an order of dismissal in divorce proceedings/custody case.

03/06/2019: Charles divorce petition and custody case dismissed.

03/18/2019: Chad travels to Mesa, AZ to attend a PAP book signing event where Chad and Jason Mow are presenters.

March/Apr 2019: Melanie G recalls being on the phone with Lori, and Lori referring to Tylee as a zombie and Tylee responding “not me, mom.” The conversation happened when Lori was requiring Tylee to babysit JJ, and Tylee didn’t want to. Lori explained to Melanie; Chad had told her Tylee was a zombie. It didn’t happen recently. It happened when she became a teen between 12-13 years old. Around the time she became difficult. 

04/10/2019: Ian Pawlowski violates domestic violence protection order, Sean Bartholick attorney 

04/15/2019: Natalie Pawlowski files divorce petition from Ian. 

May 2019: Lori leaves Charles once again, taking Tylee and JJ with her back to AZ (this is 3 weeks before Charles’ death in AZ home.)

05/21/2019: Clifford Gibb (petitioner) & Melanie Gibb (respondent) – Family court case# FC2019-094817 filed, Maricopa County, AZ. Case involves 3 minor male children. The consent decree was signed/filed on 8/7/19.) 

05/31/2019 – 6/1/2019: Preparing a People (PAP) event at Salt Lake Community College, Sandy, UT. Speakers include Melanie Gibb, Jason Mow, and others. There is a note on the ticket sales website that says “David Warwick and Shawn Littlebear will be filling in for Chad Daybell, who had a Family Emergency. We regret he won’t be able to attend this PAP Event.”  

June 2019: end of June- MelaniP suddenly accuses Brandon of hacking Lori’s laptop, then states she has a revelation he is gay, then proceeds to demand a divorce. This happened while on a trip in Utah. Melani forced Brandon to leave the location they were staying at. (Inside source)

06/13/2019: Venmo payment from Lori Vallow to Colby Ryan “medicine ❤️”

06/20/2019: Charles and Lori rent a home in Chandler, AZ from Joe Pongratz

06/29/2019: Charles accused Lori of making a fake email account in his name to send Chad a message. “We enjoyed having you stay with us in November..” 

06/30/2019: Venmo payment from Tylee Ryan to Colby Ryan “crew neck shirt :))”

07/08/2019: Brandon Boudreaux files a petition for divorce from spouse Melani Cope Boudreaux per her request. 

07/10/2019: text between Charles and Joe P at 7:49pm making plans to meet the morning of 07/11/2019 to find Charles a new place to live because things weren’t working out between him and Lori.

07/11/2019: Charles Vallow’s death, allegedly shot by Alex Cox claiming self defense. 5531 S Four Peaks, Chandler, AZ. Dispatch call received at 8:36am, Law Enforcement makes statement Alex and Lori are released with no pending charges, no arrests, self defense, and case will be sent to Maricopa DA by 5:45pm. Lori, Tylee, and JJ left the scene of the crime before LE arrived allegedly in Charles’ rental car. Handgun was found on the floor next to the bag with the gun case inside of it in the pink w/ black and white striped painted bedroom. Allegedly Tylee grabbed bat to defend her mother against Charles, Charles grabbed bat from Tylee swinging it and hit Alex in the back of head. Alex went to the bedroom, retrieved the gun out of the case inside the bag and shot Charles twice in the chest, performed CPR until LE arrived. All ALLEGEDLY 

07/11/2019: Landlord Joe P received reports from neighbors claiming crime scene tape around the house. Joe P text Lori and Charles’ phones asking if they were ok. Lori responded “we are fine, I’ll explain later.” Landlord later is told by neighbors Lori hosted a pool party the night her husband was killed. 

07/11 or 07/12 2019: Lori calls Melanie G

Lori: did you watch the news?

Melanie: no?

Lori: Charles was shot

Melanie: WHAT?!

*Chad had told Lori and Melanie that his wife Tammy would die. He had prophesied about it. He claimed Tammy wouldn’t mind if she had to die. She would understand.*

Mid July 2019: Garth Daybell told neighbors (Matt and Reagan Price) that Chad had shot a raccoon out of a tree on their property during the day. Garth told Matt P. This information after Matt questioned hearing a gunshot. 

07/15/2019: per Kay, Lori called Charles’ life insurance company and was denied access to Charles’ account. Two weeks later (unknown date) Kay reports receiving a text message from Lori with a photo of the ‘change of beneficiary’ document that showed Kay as the sole beneficiary. Lori’s text said “Five kids and no money and his sister gets everything.” That text message was the last time Kay heard from Lori and communications with JJ’s began to decrease, leading to the welfare check.

07/22/2019: Lori emailed Dog Training Elite, AZ asking to find another family for Bailey (JJ service dog) due to change in life circumstances. Bailey’s trainer was shocked and found Lori very cold and callous. The trainer reports Bailey calmed and helped settle JJ down. Claims JJ had a habit of wandering off in the middle of the night, usually outside the home. The 1st night JJ slept through the night was the 1st night Bailey slept with JJ.

07/25/2019: Ian Pawlowski and Natalie Pawlowski divorce is finalized.

07/30/2019: Lori and Chad exchange texts regarding the “death percentage” of Tammy, per the indictment.

08/05/2019: Venmo payment from Tylee to Colby  “🧡!!” (this transaction is later removed/missing, as of June 2020)

08/07/2019: Consent decree finalized: Clifford Gibb & Melanie Gibb – Family court case# FC2019-094817, Maricopa County, AZ. Case involving 3 minor male children. 

08/10/2019: last known FaceTime call between JJ and grandparents Larry and Kay Call lasted 35 seconds. Kay states someone else was holding the device during the call.

08/16/2019: Per the May 2021 Idaho Indictment, “On or about August 16, 2019, Lori Norene Vallow did change the deposit of Tylee Ryan’s Social Security benefits from Tylee Ryan’s JP Morgan Chase Account to deposit money directly into Lori Norene Vallow’s personal BBVA bank account.” Source: Vallow/Daybell Murder Indictments

08/30/2019: Colby reports as the last date he spoke with Tylee via FaceTime. He informed Gilbert PD when he tried to contact Tylee after 08/30/2019 Lori would give excuses why Tylee couldn’t talk to him.

08/30/2019: Dog training elite AZ picked up Bailey from Lori. 

08/31/2019: Lori texts landlord stating she is moving, destination unknown.

End of Aug: in May 2020, Melani P told 12News that the last time she saw the kids was at the end of August, prior to Lori’s move to Rexburg. 

Sept 2019: Lori told her mom, Janis, she confiscated Tylee’s cell phone. Lori didn’t want Tylee to be tracked through her phone. She was always fearful of those she claimed threatened her. 

Sept 2019: Chad and Lori told Chad’s parents that Lori was an empty nester. Chad told Jason and Samantha Gwilliam that Lori had no juvenile children. 

09/1/2019: Lori moves into townhouse 565 Pioneer Rd #175, Rexburg, ID, just minutes away from the home of Chad and Tammy. Alex initially resides with Lori in her townhome unit #175, then Alex rented his own unit #107. Lori told people she moved there to take a job. Neighbors of Lori confirm they saw Tylee briefly the first couple of weeks of September; their son played with JJ a multiple times; they helped Lori move into her apartment; one of their children went to Lori’s apartment late Sept to play with JJ but Lori informed the child that JJ was not there because he went to stay with his grandmother. 

09/03/2109: Lori registers JJ at Kennedy Elementary School in Rexburg, ID

09/06/2019: Alex’s phone pings via CAST:

12:41 to 12:53: in and around the Daybell house. Not in the yard. 

09/07/2019: PAP podcast #2 Feel The Fire~What is a Baptism of Fire with Lori and Melanie Gibb. Following up on their first Feel The Fire podcast Melanie and Lori share what their “baptism of Fire” was like with insightful references that an ancient wiseman Nephi spoke about. How did it help Melanie in her own life with a Special Needs Son with feeling like she didn’t know how to navigate her challenges and what it took for her to experience that clean feeling in her heart. Lori is so descriptive with ways that “Fire” can feel to all of us and how that has manifested in her life…..

09/08/2019: Per the May 2021 Murder Indictment, “September 8, 2019, Chad Guy Daybell signed application along with Tamera “Tammy” Daybell to increase her LifeMap insurance to the maximum allowed under her policy.” Source: Vallow/Daybell Murder Indictment

09/08/2019: Last verifiable sighting of Tylee is at Yellowstone National Park with Lori, Alex, and JJ. The visit was made in Alex’s silver F-150. The sighting is verified by time stamped photos retrieved from Lori’s Apple account, the FBI released. Further verification was through tracking the GPS, cell tower connections, and google account information on Alex’s phone.

09/08/2019: Alex’s phone pings via CAST:

18:40: exited west entrance of Yellowstone National Park

18:45 to 19:02: Buckaroo’s BBQ Grill in west Yellowstone, Montana 

20:37: returns to Rexburg 

20:37 to 21:35: at Lori’s townhouse unit #175

21:43 to 21:53: at Maverick on main st in Rexburg 

22:44 to 23:15: back at Lori’s townhouse 

23:44: in Alex’s townhouse unit #107

09/09/2019: Alex’s phone pings via CAST: 

00:00 to 00:44: at Alex’s unit #107

2:42 to 3:37: at Lori’s townhouse unit #175 

*Only time in September Alex goes to Lori’sunit between 12am and 6am*

4:37 to 8:59: returns to Alex’s unit #107

9:21: at Chad’s property behind the home near the east end of the barn

10:39: still at Daybell property 

10:47: at city of St Anthony *unable to determine if Alex left the Daybell property. St Anthony is only a 5 minute drive from the Daybell property*

10:57 to 11:39: at Daybell property

11:52 to 12:02: at Del Taco in Rexburg 

Alex appears to remain the rest of the day at his townhouse unit #107

09/09/2019: Texts between Chad and Tammy

Chad 11:53am: Well I’ve had an interesting morning! I felt I should burn all of the limb debris by the fire pit before it got too soaked by the coming storms. While I did so, I spotted a big raccoon along the fence. I hurried and got my gun, and he was still walking along. I got close enough that one shot did the trick. He is now in our pet cemetery. Fun times! 

Chad 11:56am: Gonna shower now and then go write for a while at BYU. Love you!

Tammy 2:47pm: Good for you!

Chad 2:48pm: I’m back home now 

09/10/2019: Venmo payment from Tylee to Colby  “❤️”

09/16/2019: PAP podcast #3 Feel The Fire~Chad Daybell Sharing Jesus’ Love: with Chad, Lori, and Melanie G. Emerging from a spring and summer break Chad joins Lori and Melanie to share things he has been shown about the Savior of the World with insights from 2 NDE and a visionary gift that was opened up to him because of his visits “Beyond The Veil.” 

09/17/2019: Lori’s townhouse neighbor has a ring doorbell camera that catches footage of JJ playing outside.

09/17/2019: Gibb Publishing publishes Melanie G’s book “Feel the Fire.” (per Amazon record. But kindle edition shows published date of 2/14/19, unknown publisher.) 

09/18/2019: Lori and JJ met with a sitter Lori hired off

09/18/2019: Chad Daybell obtained a burner phone on September 18, 2019, according the May 2021 Murder Indictment.

09/19/2020: Rexburg woman claims to sit and talk with Chad on a flight to Mesa, AZ.

09/19/2020: Alex and Lori are witnessed picking up an unidentified woman at the Idaho Falls airport. 

09/19/2019: the sitter Lori hired watches JJ. She understood her employment was to be ongoing. 

09/19 – 09/23/2019: Melanie Gibb and David Warwick visit Rexburg, ID. During the visit they both stay at Lori’s townhouse. JJ was present when Melanie and David arrived. But they never saw Tylee. Melanie states she stayed in Tylee’s room and David stayed in JJ’s room. Lori told Melanie that Tylee was attending classes with friends at BYU ID. Lori told Melanie the day before she arrived (9/18/19) JJ had become a zombie. The whole visit Lori was obsessed trying to convince Melanie that JJ was now a zombie. Lori claimed JJ was hyper, sitting still watching tv, larger vocabulary, claiming JJ said he loved Satan. Lori and Chad are seen at BYU ID running track, taking walks together, holding hands and kissing. Melanie asked Lori and Chad if they were worried about Tammy catching them or becoming suspicious. Chad replied Tammy usually doesn’t come out over here. Neither of them seemed worried about Tammy catching them. 

09/22/2019: Last verifiable sighting of JJ at Lori’s Rexburg townhouse. JJ is witnessed being carried by Alex with JJ’s head resting on Alex’s shoulder late that night by David and Melanie. David remembers that moment specifically because he felt it was a tender moment between JJ and Alex. 

09/22/2019: Lori, Melanie, and David had plans to do a podcast late that night.

09/23/2019: Lori checks JJ out of school (per interview call between Josh Wilson Kennedy Elementary Principal and Justin Lum)

09/23/2019: per Lori’s affidavit JJ was in attendance and seen alive at Kennedy Elementary 

09/23/2019: JJ had an unexcused absence per Kennedy Elementary via Chad Daybell’s Probable Cause Affidavit.

09/23/2019: between 8-9am David and Melanie were leaving from their visit to Rexburg. David was saying goodbye to Lori:

  • David: where is JJ? I would like to see JJ.

Lori: JJ was having a zombie moment. He climbed on my fridge and knocked my picture of Jesus off my fridge. Then he climbed on the top of my cabinets in between the ceiling and cabinets. He was just raging. JJ was out of control so I had Alex come and get him.

  • David states he didn’t notice any damages to the area Lori claimed JJ was disturbing. Not even a scuff mark. He knew Lori was lying to him. He never saw JJ again. 

09/23/2019: Alex’s phone pings via CAST: 

9:55 to 10:12: on Chad’s property near the pond at the northern edge of the Daybell property. 

09/24/2019: Tylee’s 17th birthday without any new sighting of Tylee or JJ.

09/24/2019: Lori withdrawals JJ from Kennedy Elementary with no record transfer in place. Mentions homeschooling to principal, principal doesn’t recall seeing JJ with Lori that day (per call with Justin Lum)

09/24/2019: Lori informed Kennedy Elementary JJ would no longer be attending Kennedy Elementary. Lori would be homeschooling him. Kennedy Elementary informed Rexburg PD no other school has made requests for JJ’s school transcripts 

09/24/2019: Per Chad’s affidavit Lori called Vickie Barton at Madison School District informing her JJ was going to Louisiana with his grandparents and would be returning at the end of October or maybe later. 

09/24/2019: the sitter Lori had hired reached out to Lori, and Lori told her JJ had gone to stay with his grandma and her services were no longer needed. 

09/25/2019: Alex’s phone pings via CAST: 10:05 to 10:22 in and around the Daybell house. Not in the yard. 

Oct 2019: Brandon Boudreaux takes his and Melani P’s children and goes into hiding for safety reasons after the attempted hit on his life. 

Oct 2019: Lori invites Chad and his 5 adult kids to her townhouse for cookies after the death of Tammy. The kids fall in love with Lori.

Oct 2019: Chad Daybell and Lori Vallow take a trip to Hawaii after Tammy’s Memorial (exact date unknown.)

Oct 2019: Melani P went to visit Lori in Kauai. 

10/01/2019: Lori visits Self-Storage Plus in Rexburg and rents a storage unit. She signed a rental agreement for $53 a month for a 10×10 unit. This is the only time Lori visited the facility alone. Her unit was visited 9x in October and 1x in November.

10/01/2019: at 3pm Lori spoke with her mother Janis for 97 minutes. Janis claims she could hear JJ playing in the background. “He was alive and well” “JJ got the phone and said hi mimi!” “I know it was him. No one is going to pretend to be JJ.” 

10/02/2019: surveillance footage shows Lori driving into the storage facility with Chad in a blue Nissan Rogue. The entire visit lasted 7 minutes.

  • 2:25pm: Lori and Chad arriving in blue Nissan Rogue 
  • 2:27pm: Lori and Chad exit vehicle 
  • 2:29pm: Chad pulled a tire out of the back of the vehicle and rolled it into the unit
  • 2:30pm Chad and Lori carried a rear car seat together into the unit
  • 2:32pm: Lori and Chad shut the door and exit the facility 

10/02/2019: Lori orders wedding bands for herself and Chad using Charles’ amazon account to be delivered to her Rexburg townhouse 

10/02/2019: The hit on Brandon Boudreaux’s life takes place. Brandon drops kids with Melani P,  goes to gym, returns home, while pulling in his driveway he notices a vehicle parked on the street near his home, he sees a male (later allegedly identified as Alex) with a gun and silencer pointed at him, he then heard the shattering glass of driver side window and bullet holes above his head on driver side door of his Tesla. Vehicle of the assailant is later allegedly identified as the Jeep belonging to Tylee, which is still registered in the name of Charles Vallow. There is no mention of this incident publicly in the press/media prior to the children being announced missing on 12/20/2019.

Melani shows no concern for Brandon or their shared children when notified about the incident.

10/03/2019: surveillance footage shows Lori and Alex visiting Lori’s storage unit. 

2:11pm: Lori and Alex visit unit. Alex is seen carrying the tire and rear car seat from the day before alone without Lori help. Load it into the vehicle. Then they both leave the facility. 

10/04/2019: estimated date Tammy goes to visit her parents per Chad’s urging request. 

10/06/2019: surveillance footage shows Alex returning to Lori’s storage unit alone in Alex’s silver pickup truck. Alex returned 5 other times to the unit that month between 10/6/2019 – 10/26/2019, dropping off a variety of items including gun cases. 

10/07/2019: the wedding bands Lori ordered from amazon are delivered to her Rexburg townhouse.

10/8/2019-10/12/2019: “Alex Cox conducted multiple internet searches between the dates of October 8, 2019 and October 12, 2019 including searches related to Grendel drop and shooting through a Dodge Dakota.” Source: Vallow/Daybell Murder Indictment Also noted is Alex Cox going to the gun range in the months before the attempted shooting of Tammy.

10/09/2019: Tammy Daybell makes a Facebook post on a neighborhood group page at 9:30pm stating: “Okay Neighbors- Something really weird just happened, and I want you to know so you can watch out. I had gotten home and parked in our front driveway. As I was getting stuff out of the backseat, a guy wearing a ski mask was suddenly standing by the back of my car with a paintball gun. He shot at me several times, although I don’t think it was loaded. I yelled for Chad and he ran off around the back of my house. I have no idea what his motive was, and he never spoke, even after I asked him several times what he thought he was doing. I was about to smack him with my freezer meals from Enrichment tonight when I decided to yell for Chad instead.” FCSO received a 911 dispatch call from TD regarding the attack, they came out to her residence, took a look around, ruled it as a prank.

10/10/2019: Venmo payment from Tylee to Colby “we love you”

10/16/2019: Venmo payment from Tylee to Colby “❤️” (this transaction is later removed/missing, as of June 2020)

10/16/2019: estimated date Melanie P text Brandon that she decided to move to Boise, ID (but moved to Rexburg.)  

10/17/2019: Venmo Payment from Tammy Daybell to Amber Bell “Marathon” it’s been confirmed Amanda requested donations to attend and participate in a marathon.

10/18/2019: Brandon B. files emergency motion for temporary sole custody.

10/18/2019: Per the Murder Indictment, “Alex was in the church parking lot approximately 2.5 miles from the Daybell residence on the night of October 18, 2019.” Source: Vallow/Daybell Murder Indictment

10/19/2019: Tammy Daybell’s death. Chad claims Tammy went to bed with a coughing fit and never woke up. An external exam was performed by Fremont County Coroner Brenda Dye. After FCSO interviewed Chad and took a look around the residence nothing seemed suspicious, Brenda Dye then declared death by natural causes. 

10/19/2019: a friend sends text to Tylee’s phone stating she missed her and had been thinking about her.

10/20/2019: The day after Tammy’s death the staff at the school (Tammy and Emma worked at) gathered to comfort her daughter Emma. Emma shared her concerns of the state Tammy’s body was found in: pink foam coming from her mouth. 

10/22/2019: Tammy Daybell’s funeral services Spring Creek 6th Ward Chapel, Springville, UT Interment at Springville Evergreen Cemetery (where Chad previously was a sexton)

10/22/2019: Brandon B and Melani P’s  divorce decree is finalized and an emergency temporary order for custody denied. 

10/23/2019: Tammy Daybell’s memorial service at Henry’s Fork Stake Center, Rexburg, ID. 

10/25/2019: 11:14am friend of Tylee’s receives text from Tylee’s phone saying “hi. miss you guys too… luv ya.”

10/28/2019: Surveillance footage shows Alex and Chad visit Lori’s storage unit dropping off bikes and other items in the unit. The visit lasted 6 minutes. 

10/28/2019: Melani P signs a lease agreement for Rexburg townhouse unit #174. The lease agreement lists 1 adult and 4 children. 

10/29/2019: Madison school district was informed JJ would be homeschooled. 

10/31/2019: 2 flight boarding passes for Melani P and Alex for a 3:29 pm flight from Idaho falls to Mesa, AZ through Allegiant. 

  • Court documents state Melani had over $200K at her disposal when she moved to Idaho. They also state Brandon found out Melani married Ian P. and was pregnant 

10/31/2019: late in the night a surveillance photo shows a Uhaul being loaded by Melani P and Alex at Melani’s rental home in AZ. Leaving behind her children’s belongings by the curb. 

11/01/2019: per the request of Gilbert PD, Detective Ray Hermosillo began intermittent surveillance on Lori. Det. reports he never once saw JJ while performing surveillance during the month of November 2019. Gilbert PD and Chandler PD both contacted Rexburg PD to request help to obtain search warrants for a vehicle in Lori’s possession. Vehicle: 2018 grey Jeep Wrangler TX license plate: LWD0997 registered to Charles. The vehicle is identified in an attempted shooting of Brandon B’s  in Gilbert, AZ 10/2/2019.

11/5/2019: Lori and Chad get married and have a ceremony on the beach in Kauai,HI.

Unknown date in Nov: Chad and Lori return trip from Hawaii; they both live at Lori’s Rexburg townhome.

11/12/2019: Melani P  is arrested for suspicion of trespassing on Brandon B’s parents property in American Fork, Ut. She was released within an hour of booking. Alex was with Melani during the incident.

11/19/2019: FB post made by close friend of Tammy: “A month ago a close friend unexpectedly passed away. Young and healthy with a family. They buried that person so quick as to not do an autopsy and buried her hours from where she was living. The husband made his kids go through her clothes within days of her passing and he had almost every detail planned for the funeral within an hour of finding her body. He moved out of his house a few days later and took off to Hawaii. Well, he just got back and has remarried. 3 WEEKS after she died. He said he’s known her for a year. What?! An investigation has opened and many of us have felt something has been off… but this just blew it out of the water. How do we help the children as they’ve just lost their mother, and their dad just showed up with a new wife unexpectedly? They are struggling.” 

11/24/2019: surveillance footage shows the last time anyone visited Lori’s storage unit. Lori and Chad, who had just returned from their wedding and honeymoon in Hawaii, visited the unit for 4 minutes. They left belongings of Tylee and JJ in the unit. They never returned. Rexburg PD seized  all items inside the unit. Surveillance footage shows visitors to the unit would often place items in the unit and return to retrieve the same items within days. *This last visit was just 2 days before Rexburg PD performs a welfare check at Lori’s townhome and Lori and Chad leave Rexburg*

11/25/2019: Kay contacted Gilbert PD requesting a Welfare Check on JJ. Gilbert PD contacted Rexburg PD regarding a missing child:JJ who was living with his adoptive mother Lori. Rexburg PD was unaware at that time Lori had a daughter Tylee also under her care. 

11/26/2019: Rexburg PD performs welfare check for JJ at Lori and Chad’s townhouse. Lori and Chad both tell LE JJ is staying with a close friend of the family in Arizona. LE confirms he is not. Melani P was present during the Welfare Check, per inside source. 

11/26/2019: during Rexburg PD welfare check, Alex tells LE that JJ is with his grandparents in Louisiana. LE knew that was false since his grandparents called in the Welfare Check. LE approaches Chad, originally acts as if he doesn’t know Lori. When approached again he gives Lori’s phone number and states the last time he physically saw JJ was in October in apartment #107 (Alex’s Unit). Alex’s unit is found completely empty with only a few small items in the garage. Lori’s unit #175 is found with most furnishings and some clothing missing. 

  • Rexburg PD locates Lori inside her apt unit 175. Lori tells LE that JJ was in Gilbert, AZ with a friend Melanie G. After ending contact with Lori, LE immediately tried contacting Melanie but was unsuccessful. LE then contacts Lori again requesting she call Melanie. Lori stated Melanie and JJ were at the movie Frozen 2 and Melanie was unlikely to answer. LE then instructed Lori to call Melanie and have her call them to verify the location of JJ. Around 9:30 pm Gilbert PD informed Rexburg PD they went to Melanie’s home but she was not present. They then contacted her by phone and Melanie stated JJ had been with her but was back with Lori. She later recants her story and informs Det. Pillar her statement was untrue and JJ had not been with her at all.

11/26/2019: Chad calls Melanie G and tells her Rexburg PD is going to be calling her phone. Don’t pick it up. Lori told Rexburg PD that JJ was with Melanie. Melanie says Chad was very nervous during that call and that made her nervous. Then Melanie’s phone rings again, this time it’s Lori calling. Lori says everything is fine. “I told Rexburg PD you have JJ and you’re at the movie Frozen 2. Just get your camera out and take some pictures of a whole bunch of kids.” (paraphrased) 

11/27/2019: Rexburg PD obtained search warrants to search: Lori’s apartment unit #175 (most of the clothing had been removed,) Melani P’s apartment unit #174, and Alex’s apartment unit #107 (vacant.)

11/27/2019: Rexburg PD, FBI, and Fremont CSO execute search warrant. They conclude the newlyweds vacated the premises. They learn Lori has a 17 year old daughter who is now considered missing after Gilbert PD contacted them asking if they had any record of Tylee Ryan. Alex and Melani P both reside in the same apt complex as Lori. FBI kicks in Alex’s door and he has also vacated. Later Melani P confirms Chad, Lori, and Alex left Rexburg the night before.  

11/27/2019: Rexburg PD serves a search warrant on Lori’s storage unit located at Self-Storage Plus Rexburg. The following items were found inside the unit: blanket with pics of JJ on it, blanket with pics of Tylee on it, BYU backpack with JJ’s initials on it, bikes, scooter, photo album with pics of Tylee and JJ, winter clothing, sports equipment, jersey with Colby’s name on it. 

11/27/2019: during the search of Lori’s  townhome LE found evidence that JJ was prescribed Risperidone. In the form of a pill bottle labeled with JJ’s name and the prescribed Risperudone. The prescription was filled January 2019 in AZ. The bottle still contained 17 pills. LE verified through the Idaho State Pharmacy Board that prescription has not been filled in Idaho.

11/2019: Tylee’s Jeep in Lori’s possession was seized pursuant to a search warrant in Rexburg. *It’s significant the vehicle Tylee  regularly drove was still in Rexburg nearly 2 months after the last known sighting of Tylee*

11/29/2019: Alex Cox marries Zulema Pastenes in Clark County, NV.

11/30/2019: Melani Boudreaux-Pawlowski marries Ian Pawlowski in Clark County, NV.

12/01/2019: Chad and Lori fly from Los Angeles, CA to Kauai on American Airlines verified by Rexburg PD through a  search warrant served on American Airlines. 

12/02/2019: Brandon B files petition to modify child custody. 

12/2019: David W calls Chad

  • David: Chad I want to know where those kids are

Chad: for your safety I cannot tell you

David: how is me knowing where JJ is going to threaten my safety

Chad: I just can’t tell you Dave

Days later Melanie G confronts Alex.

Melanie: do I want to know what happened to JJ? 

Alex: you don’t want to know

Melanie: I have to go to the cops 

*Alex knew Melanie was going to LE about the kids*

12/04/2019: Natalie P. sends email to an associate of Brandon B asking for help. She mentions Melani P told Ian she had a dream Natalie’s body had been possessed by a demon in March. 

12/06/2019: Melanie G contacts Rexburg PD with her knowledge and details of Chad, Lori, and the missing kids.

12/08/2019: Melanie G records a call to Chad and Lori to confront them (call was presented in Chad’s prelim hearing 8/3/20.) 

12/10/2019: it’s reported this is the date Lori and Chad rent the condo in Princeville,HI.

12/11/2019: Melani P scheduled court date in custody case with Brandon B (Ian told Natalie that he was trying to get Melani to go to it.) 

12/11/2019: Utah medical examiner’s Office exhumed the remains of Tammy Daybell per the request of Fremont County Coroner Brenda Dye due to suspicious circumstances surrounding her death. 

12/12/2019: Alex Cox is found unresponsive in his home and pronounced deceased. Zulema Pastenes’ 25yr old son, Joseph Lopez, made the 911 call. He called Alex “my mother’s boyfriend” and could not answer what Alex’s last name was. Joseph describes Alex as “passed out” in feces. During the call, Joseph said his mother just got to the house; you hear Zulema enter bathroom and apparently give Alex CPR. Per an inside source: Alex was found in a pool of his own vomit and feces. 

12/17/2019: temporary sole custody granted to Brandon B 

12/20/2019: Rexburg PD releases a presser listing the children as missing and endangered. “We are urgently requesting your help in finding these two missing endangered children.  Please share with all your contacts and contact us if you have any information.” Presser notes: FCSO made aware of missing children during Tammy Daybell’s death investigation. The children have not been reported missing to any agencies. 

12/23/2019: Sean Bartholick attorney issued a statement on the Daybell’s behalf: 

“Chad Daybell was a loving husband and has the support of his children in this matter. Lori Daybell is a devoted mother and resents assertions to the contrary. We look forward to addressing the allegations once they have moved beyond speculation and rumor.”

12/23/2019: Eric Smith posts on the Julie Rowe page: “Have no fear. The plan is moving forward perfectly. There are higher purposes in everything happening now. Let the energy play out. The truth will be revealed and darkness will be exposed. It is not time yet but we are ahead of schedule and I have no fear. I am calm. At peace. Everything will be ok.” – Julie 

12/23/2019: reporter Koster Kennard Venmo to Tylee’s with “are you okay?” (this transaction is later removed/missing, as of June 2020)

12/24/2019: Colby Ryan makes his first public acknowledgement of the children’s unexplained disappearance through his YT channel. 

12/25/2019: Colby and Kelsee Ryan both make a public FB post with Merry Christmas wish you were here (Tylee and JJ) with photos attached. 

12/26/2019: Michael and Nancy James release statement disassociating themselves and businesses with Chad Daybell. They remove all physical recordings of PAP with Chad and Lori and other speakers and archive them. Claiming Chad was only a client of their business and his last speaking even was February 2019. (However, Chad was a presenter with Jason Mow at a PAP event in March 2019.) 

12/30/2019: Rexburg PD releases a new presser. Presser notes: the missing children search is still ongoing. They believe the children’s lives are in danger. They are aware in the weeks after Tammy Daybell’s death that Lori and Chad both told witnesses Lori’s daughter Tylee died the year before her father did (putting her death in 2017) which was found to be untrue. Chad told another witness Lori had no minor children. They know the children are not with Lori or Chad. Lori has refused to work with LE to resolve this matter. “We publicly call on Lori and Chad to do the right thing and come forward with the information they have about the location and welfare of Tylee and JJ.”

12/2019-01/2019: Kauai PD began monitoring the condo Chad and Lori are staying at. Kauai PD surveillance has seen Lori and Chad at least 3x since they were made aware of them residing in Kauai. No one has seen Tylee or JJ with Chad or Lori.

01/02/2020: after Lori’s CC payment for self-storage plus was declined several times, the owner reached out to Lori by phone, text, and email receiving no response back. They contacted Rexburg PD to inform them Lori has not returned to the facility.

01/03/2020: FBI and Rexburg PD assist FCSO execute search warrant at the Daybell residence in Salem, ID (location Tammy’s death occurred) search warrant obtained linked to Tammy’s death. They started searching for chemicals or blood. Looking for what happened to cause Tammy’s death. They collected 43 items of evidence. They were seen with rakes, shovels, and metal detectors outside the home. It was a 2 day search. Emma Daybell is seen on camera making faces behind a news reporter where the autopsy of her mother’s death is being discussed. 

01/04/2020: LE continues day 2 of Daybell residence search. When completed they return the residence back over to the 2 Daybell sons residing in the home: Garth Daybell and Seth Daybell.

01/16/2020: The state of Idaho filed an order of protection under the Child Protection Act against Lori, demanding Lori physically present the missing children to the State of Idaho in Rexburg, ID within 5 days of the order being served. It also states the State will conduct an investigation into the children’s health, safety, and welfare. The investigation must be completed and turned into the court by 02/10/2020. The children will be in shelter care and in custody of the state if and when they are found. 

01/18/2020: the children’s names and information are entered into the NamUs database by Rexburg PD.

01/24 – 01/31/2020: Kay files for guardianship of JJ.

01/24/2020: Lori is served a petition order by the state of Idaho to physically present the children in Rexburg,ID within 5 days. The deadline being 01/30/2020 at 5pm.

01/25/2020: Chad and Lori are pulled over in Kauai and served a search warrant for their rental vehicle and condo. They are currently renting in Princeville, HI. LE searches the condo and seizes the rental vehicle. 

01/26/2020: Chad and Lori were observed on a beach in Hawaii without Tylee and JJ. 

01/26/2020: search warrant served on Chad and Lori in Kauai on their residence and rental vehicle. The children were not found with the Daybells and no evidence to suggest they were living with Chad and Lori. Kauai PD serves warrants in the parking lot of Kauai Beach Resort. The following items were located in their possession:

  • birth certificates for Tylee and JJ 
  • Tylee’s financial transaction card issued by BBVA. (RexburgPD confirms TR BBVA card is still active and has been used since the last sighting of Tylee)
  • JJ’s iPad identified by his initials on back 
  • another iPad logged into JJ’s Apple account 
  • JJ’s school registration receipts from Kennedy Elementary in Rexburg 
  • No evidence or belongings of Tylee or JJ were found in Chad and Loris’ Princeville condo. 

01/29/2020: Kay and Larry travel to Rexburg with hopes of seeing the children. 

01/30/2020: Lori fails to show in Rexburg to show the children’s health and safety. She is now in contempt of court. Kay holds a press conference regarding Lori as a no show. 

01/31/2020: Melani P is reportedly seen in Princeville, HI.

01/31/2020: Colby posts a new YT video called “To My Family” he makes another appeal to his mother, talks about Tylee and JJ. And talks about his memories and missing Charles.

01/31/2020: Colby’s Mother-In-Law creates a GFM account for Colby called: “Colby and Kelsee regarding Tylee Ryan and JJ Vallow” requesting $15K. The GFM description states: (paraphrasing) Colby has lost his job, lost both vehicles (1 being seized by LE, the other was repossessed due to non payment and in Charles and Lori’s name), Colby’s credit is ruined, they need groceries and diapers, have a child with medical needs, need help obtaining an attorney to file for guardianship of Tylee, this situation has been hard on him and his finances, they are trying to raise funds to help with this case.

02/02/2020: Colby does interview with Justin Lum 

02/16/2020: Rexburg PD received a tip Chad and Lori rented a car from Hertz car rental at the Maui airport. Informant provided photo. Tylee and JJ aren’t present. 

02/18/2020: Lori did not produce the children as of this date. 

02/20/2020: Lori is arrested in Hawaii on:

  • 2 felony accounts of desertion and non support of children
  • 1 misdemeanor count of resisting arrest and obstructing officers
  • 1 misdemeanor count of criminal solicitation 
  • 1 misdemeanor count of criminal contempt 

02/20/2020: Chad was present when Lori was arrested on felony desertion charges 

02/2020: Janis Cox claims to have spoken with Lori  after her arrest and says “ as far as I can remember she said you know me mom the kids are fine. I believed her” 

02/21/2020: Lori’s arraignment in Kauai 

02/24/2020: Chad cancels lease on his and Lori’s Princeville condo and expects to be moved out by 02/28/2020

02/25/2020: Chad allowed 1 hour visit with Lori at KCCC

02/26/2020: Melani P releases explosive statement: she doesn’t know where her aunt’s kids are 

03/04/2020: Justin Lum reports a Rexburg woman had a long conversation with Chad on a flight to Mesa, AZ 09/19/2019 

03/05/2020: FBI releases photos from the visit to Yellowstone National Park on 09/07/2019 requesting the public’s assistance 

03/05/2020: Lori is extradited to Madison County, ID. Booked into Madison County Jail

03/06/2020: Chad was present for Lori during her  initial appearance in Madison County, ID

03/24/2020: Chandler PD Detective email states we are confident we are getting closer to getting Lori inducted for her involvement in Charles’ death. 

03/31/2020: Justin Lum reports a source says Chad is interested in putting a mobile home on his Salem, ID property. Chad inquired about the mobile home 03/27/2020 and stated his financing is moving along well. The phone number Chad used matches the same one he registered in Kauai 

04/2020: Authorities were looking into Lori and Chad for murder in Tammy Daybell’s death and a harder look into Charles’ death.

04/24/2020: Melani P makes a FB post about her 31st birthday claiming she has been falsely accused of many things. 

04/24/2020: Sean Bartholick confirms a GFM created in Chad’s name for $100mil for his wife Lori’s legal fees was created falsely. 

04/28/2020: Mark Means files request for discovery on behalf of Lori. 

04/29/2020: Attorney Sean Bartholick tells Justin Lum he no longer represents Chad. Chad is now represented by Mark Means  

05/01/2020: judge denies Lori’s motion for bond reduction. 

05/03/2020: Kay wrote a plea to Chad via FB begging him to end this now. 

05/05/2020: Mark Means files a subpoena requesting all recorded phone calls of Lori from 03/01/2020-present including call logs, and anyone who accessed or listened to call files. *Lori didn’t arrive in Madison County Idaho until 03/05/2020.

05/05/2020: official order denying Lori’s motion to reduce bond. 

05/08/2020: Alex Cox’s  full autopsy and toxicology report released publicly. Alex’s death is ruled natural causes. 

05/08/2020: Cox family releases statement about the death of Alex via attorney 

05/16/2020: CBS News 48 Hours special Season 32 Episode 39 The missing children of Lori Vallow Daybell featuring Janis Cox and Summer Shiftlet.

  • Janis: she would never harm her children. And I know her. I don’t think Bailey is an issue as far as JJ is concerned. Charles loves Bailey. JJ was not really attached to it. 
  • Summer: I don’t know all of her reasons for doing what she’s doing. But I know she has… has the reasons. I have to see my family slaughtered on the news every day. I have to see things said about Lori that none of them are true. Lori would never harm her children. Ever. She’s not a monster. After Charles had died Lori had been continuously threatened. She wanted to go somewhere safe. She didn’t want to tell any of us where she was going. Because she was being followed and threatened by people who loved Charles and wanted revenge for his death. She has never said the end of the world is coming in July. That has never come from her lips ever. 
  • Janis and Summer claim Lori stockpiled JJ’s  medication because he didn’t need the pill bottle found by LE. JJ was fine without Bailey. 

05/24/2020: Rexburg PD releases statement regarding the continued search for Tylee and JJ. And wanting to make everyone aware the next day is JJ’s 8th birthday.

05/24/2020: Zac Cox releases a video to wish JJ a happy birthday but isn’t ready to discuss details of the case yet. 

05/25/2020: JJ’s 8th birthday with no sighting of him since 09/22/2019.

  • Co-founder and CEO of LIFE school (JJ’s school in AZ) releases statement on JJ’s 8th birthday. 

06/02/2020: FCSO contacted Samantha Gwilliam she informed them of a pet cemetery located on the Daybell property. She also gave them the location: east of the red barn near the fire pit. 

06/03/2020: Melanie G and David W were interviewed by LE in Pleasant Grove, UT in depth about the weekend of 09/22/2019 and 09/23/2019.

06/03/2020: response to State’s request for discovery in Lori’s case. Mark Means claims Madison County prosecution made vague allegations without providing discovery. State asks for alibi defense of Lori of 4-5 months showing specific places Lori visited at the time of the alleged offenses. 

06/04/2020: Samantha G told LE she was aware of the pet cemetery and it’s location because Tammy had previously shown it to her. Samantha was shown an aerial photo of the Daybell property and she pointed to the same area near the fire pit where Alex’s phone pinged on 09/09/2019.

06/05/2020: sealed search warrant signed for the property of Chad Daybell. 

06/05/2020: remote hearing in guardianship of JJ held at 9am. The next hearing is set for 09/30/2020.

06/08/2020: Garth Daybell FB post: “A beautiful double-rainbow just barely! Life may have it’s storms, but the light does shine through, and the result is bright and beautiful!” With 7 attaches photos of a double rainbow of the backyard of the Daybell property.

06/09/2020: 7am Rexburg PD, MCSO, and FBI executes a search warrant on the Daybell property. Focusing on the backyard. There are grids, tarps, tents, dogs, backhoes present. 

  • 7:13 am EIN reporter Nate Eaton receives a text from a friend that lives in the Daybell neighborhood. There are 15-20 officers at Chad’s house. Before heading to the chopper Nate calls the sheriff and the sheriff states:
  • * “yes I can confirm we are serving a search warrant. It’s going to be a wonderfully sad day.”*
  • 1st site of interest(JJ’s remains located) located on the north side of the pond near the north edge of the property. The location corresponded with 2 GPS pings from Alex’s phone on 09/23/2019. A patch of ground appeared to be disturbed. Sod etching was noticed. The disturbed area was approximately 4 feet by 2.5 feet. 
  • 2nd site of interest (Tylee’s remains location) located behind red unattached outbuilding in the center of the property near a fire pit. The site correlated to several GPS pings of Alex’s phone on 09/09/2019. Several areas of disturbed ground were found. During a search a buried cat and dog remains were found. Then a backhoe was brought in to dig. A layer of bricks was found approximately 1 foot below ground. 
  • Forensic anthropologist Dr. Sara Getz identified the remains as being non-adult human remains.
  • Chad was sitting in his vehicle across the street at his daughter Emma’s residence watching the entire search. Chad began leaving his daughters home around the time the first set of remains were discovered at site #1. LE immediately pursued Chad and conducted a traffic stop apprehending him. 

06/09/2020: Chad Guy Daybell is booked in Fremont County Jail. 

06/10/2020: Day 2 of the search of the Daybell property the FAA issues a no fly zone around the Daybell property. 

06/10/2020: the Cox family on behalf of Lori’s parents, Lori’s sister Summer, Lori’s niece Melani and her husband Ian release a statement on the discovery of Tylee and JJ being found buried on her Daybell property via attorney. 

06/10/2020: the Daybell home is returned back to the Daybell kids but they are not given access to the backyard. The Daybell kids are seen moving everything out of the family home.

06/10/2020: Mark Means files a request for records/documents in the Chad Daybell case including search warrants 

06/10/2020: Matt Daybell  releases statement via Justin Lum Fox10Phoenix

06/10/2020: Woodcock and Ryan families release joint statement 

06/10/2020: warrant of arrest: State of Idaho V. Chad Guy Daybell

Count I. Destruction, Alteration, or concealment of evidence, Felony

Count II. Destruction, Alteration, or Concealment of evidence, Felony

Bail set at $1mil with conditions 

06/10/2020: Kay confirms 1 set of remains located in the Daybell property belong to JJ

06/10/2020: criminal complaint for Chad are released. The dates of the alleged crimes are 09/08/2019 ranging up to 06/09/2020

06/10/2020: Rexburg PD releases a press release confirming 2 sets of human remains (unidentified) have been found on the property of Chad Daybell 

06/11/2020: Zac Cox releases a statement via twitter about the loss of Tylee and JJ

06/11/2020: Tammy Daybell’s family releases statement 

06/12/2020: attorney John Prior filed a request for discovery on Chad’s behalf. He also files entry of not guilty plea for Chad.

06/13/2020: Rexburg PD releases a press release confirming the 2 sets of human remains found on the Daybell Property on 06/09/2020 are those of Tylee Ryan and JJ Vallow and expressing their thoughts for family members. 

06/13/2020: vigil for Tylee and JJ in Rexburg 

06/13/2020: Colby Ryan releases statement about Tylee and JJ via Instagram 

06/17/2020: Melani P releases a statement expressing love for JJ and Tylee via FB post. 

06/19/2020: probable cause affidavit unsealed for Chad Daybell 

06/22/2020: Summer Shiftlet releases a statement via FB admitting she was wrong in her defense of the kids missing. 

06/22/2020: Justin Lum (Fox10 Phoenix) reports FBI releases new high resolution photo from the 09/08/2019 Yellowstone Park visit.

06/22/2020: Nate Eaton (EIN) reports “A spokeswoman with the FBI tells me Yellowstone National Park is no longer considered a place of interest in the Daybell Case.”

The WTAF Team will continuously update the timeline as new information becomes available. Keep checking back for updates! 

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